Josie Gibson says she still loves her 'saggy boobs and cellulite' after stunning fans with weight loss

JOSIE Gibson says she loves her body and is proud of her weight loss as she shows it off in a recent video.

The star, 34, revealed earlier this year that she had dropped down from a size 18-20 to a size 12 in just three months with the help of diet and exercise specialists Do The Unthinkable.

Josie took to Instagram this morning to share a video thanking fans for their kind comments, after she posted a sizzling snap in a tiger print swimsuit.

In the clip the former Big Brother star can be seen talking into the camera as she flaunts her bikini body.

She says: "Guys thank you so much for your lovely comments yesterday, they really made my day.

"But yeah, I am a girl. I've breastfed a baby. My tits can get a bit saggy.  I've got cellulite galore. But, I am just working with what I've got and I bloody love it, it's made a baby."

The star then moves the camera down as she shakes her bum, and jokingly adds: "If you don't like it you can kiss my fat ass."

Josie continued to thank her fans and praise her body in the caption that accompanied the clip.

She wrote: "Yes I'd like to lose some more weight but I'm really proud of my weight loss with @dotheunthinkableuk but really I'm incredibly proud of my body in general.

"I'm not great to it sometimes but its always been good to me. It helped me grow a beautiful baby boy and I couldn't be more thankful to it so here's a big cheers to my body. Thanks mate ??? heres also a big cheers to you and your body and everything it does for you.

"Cheers to working with what you got. Bikini is @nextofficial #loveyourbody"

Josie is currently on holiday with her eight-month-old son Reggie and his dad, her ex, Terry.

She split from Terry in January, however much to her dismay, she revealed earlier in the week that the pair were reuniting for the family holiday.

"If a few seconds could capture what it’s like to go away with your ex this would be it. It’s good for Reggie maybe not so good for me…" she captioned a clip as she travelled with him.

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