Kate Garraway including Derek Draper's coronavirus battle in new self-help book

Kate Garraway will be including husband Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle in her upcoming self-help book.

The 53-year-old had been penning a book, titled Good Morning Life: How To Wake Up Every Day And Smile, and obtained a publishing deal.

However, this took a backseat when partner Derek contracted Covid-19 at the end of March, and has been fighting for his life in a coma ever since.

And, appearing on Good Morning Britain, she confirmed that she would be including his illness in the pages.

Introducing a debate on self-help books, the host began: ‘I am going to declare a self interest in this, because just before Derek got sick, I started writing a book, got a publishing deal for a book that was all about wellbeing, based on things I’d learned.

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‘It was going to be called Good Morning Life: How To Wake Up Every Day And Smile. 

‘It’s still going ahead, I’m still writing it, but I’m going to include obviously different insight that has happened to me along the way.

‘I find that there are books that are very helpful.’

The ITV presenter has had a tough few months, after her husband was rushed to hospital five months ago.

Derek has been fighting for his life in a coma ever since, with Kate revealing that, while he was officially now coronavirus-free, the illness had impacted his whole body.

She delighted fans when she announced the 53-year-old had opened his eyes last month, and explained he is now out of the ‘deep’ coma.

Despite the positive signs, Kate opened up about commemorating his birthday over the weekend – alongside their two children, William and Darcey – explaining it was a ‘challenge’. 

‘It was Derek’s birthday on Saturday as well, which was obviously a challenging one under the circumstances,’ she said on yesterday’s instalment of the ITV series. 

‘We managed to FaceTime him and sing happy birthday, we had a cake which we had on FaceTime.

‘It’s very challenging, they’re [the kids] are doing brilliantly with it though. We just thought for us, we did it with Derek’s family as well, we managed to hook up technically and sing happy birthday. 

‘We just hope the love seeps through.’

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