Kerry and Amy cover up a violent death in Emmerdale

Mother and daughter Kerry and Amy Wyatt (Laura Norton and Natalie Ann Jamieson) are about to be forced to cover up a horrifying death when they cause a fire that ends in tragedy as an Emmerdale villager dies. The pair are stealing from the safe in the factory in order to pay off Amy’s debt but when they tamper with CCTV equipment, they are unaware that the sparks have started a fire.

Laura told ‘Obviously – standard – Kerry and Amy are not in the best place in their relationship, because Kerry’s messed up, again. She doesn’t necessarily go looking for the money in the factory from the charity fund. It just happens to be right in her eyeline when she most needs money. So she takes her opportunity and goes for it. And Amy cleverly reminds her that she’s probably been caught on CCTV. So they attempt to go back to return the money, and in the moment they make a really bad decision, and unbeknownst the them, because of something that they so while they’re there, a spark goes wild.’

Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) ends up trapped in the blaze and a huge explosion destroys the factory and leaves one character dead. And this will lead to huge consequences for Kerry and Amy as they cover up their role in what has happened. Pondering whether Kerry could become ruthless to protect Amy and Kyle from the backlash of this, Laura described her character as a ‘lioness’ and was sure she could go to some surprising lengths to hide the truth.

She added: ‘No matter how tough-skinned anybody is, or what sort of trouble anybody’s been in before – it’s awful to think you might be responsible for something like that. And there’s all sorts of ways to go about dealing with it. There’s denial. There’s wanting to admit it and do the right thing. You’re up. You’re down. You don’t sleep. So yeah, I think the consequences are huge.’

Natalie continued: ‘They’re both going through it, and they’ve kind of got each other, but it’s so tense that they kind of doing have each other either. They’re both dealing with it differently, so, although they’ve got each other and can share with each other what’s going on, they both have very different ideas about how to go about doing with it – because Kerry and Amy can be so different. Whatever one thinks is the sensible thing to do, the other one would definitely think the opposite.’

But as the pair struggle with guilt and fear in the wake of the tragedy, who will end up taking the blame if Kerry and Amy manage to hide their involvement?

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