Khloé Kardashian Posts Quote About Being 'Happy,' 'Healing' from Tristan Thompson's Betrayal

Khloé Kardashian is still trying to find her new normal.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star posted an inspirational quote about feeling proud of the personal progress she’s made since ending her relationship with ex Tristan Thompson.

“I’m happy, hurting and healing at the same time,” the quote read. “Don’t ask me how I’m doing it because I don’t know, but I’m doing it, and I’m so proud of myself.”

Another quote said: “Give yourself credit for the days you made it when you thought you couldn’t.”

After weathering one cheating scandal just before the birth of their daughter True last year, Kardashian and Thompson officially called it quits in March after he was accused of cheating on her once again, this time with family friend Jordyn Woods.

A source previously told PEOPLE that while Kardashian is disappointed in the outcome of her relationship with Thompson, she’s keeping her head high.

“Khloé is great. Her heartbreak seems to have passed and her mood is much lighter,” the source said. “Although she really wanted Tristan to come around, grow up and be a man, she seems to have realized that she’s much better off now. Everyone is happy to see her happier.”

According to the source, Kardashian, 34, hasn’t jumped back into the dating scene yet, but will “eventually.”

In April, the former couple publicly reunited for the first time to celebrate their daughter’s 1st birthday, though an insider told PEOPLE the exes mostly kept their distance from each another.

“Khloé seemed a bit nervous about having him there, but there was never a question if he would be invited. It’s super important to Khloé that True spends as much time with Tristan as possible. Khloé wants True to have a great relationship with Tristan,” the source said.

The source said “everything went smoothly” at the reunion, explaining that “Khloé had asked her family to behave and leave Tristan alone.”

During an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, Kourtney Kardashian, 39, said her sister was “in a really good place.”

“She’s very strong,” Kourtney said. “She’s really good at dealing with her emotions. I think moments like this really bring our family closer together and you realize how important family is.”

Kourtney said her sister was doing “the best she can do.”

“And she’s the best mother to her daughter,” Kourtney added. “That’s where all her energy is going.”

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