Line of Duty fans spot game-changing clue about 'racist' member of Jo Davidson's team

LINE of Duty fans have spotted an all-important clue about a 'racist' member of Jo Davidson's team.

The BBC crime drama took things up a notch on Sunday as it ended on adramatic cliffhanger.

Viewers of the much-loved series have been speculating over the identity of 'H', the fourth man or woman at the centre of police wrongdoings.

However, fans believe a member of the MIT DS Jamie Lomax was involved in the assault of Lawrence Christopher.

Lawrence was a young black man killed in police custody in 2003 after being attacked by a gang of white youths.

Murdered journalist Gail Vella was investigating this case and after a picture of the gang at the time appeared on screen, fans are convinced one of them is Jamie.

This user wrote: "Seriously has no one else genuinely spotted this? Was the first thing i noticed #LineOfDuty #chrislomax #lawrencechristopher."

In response another follower posted: "Yep I spotted that too. Although there are a lot of red herrings. So it’s possible that he isn’t a bad guy."

In reply to that tweet another viewer said: "Very true. Though it directly connects him to Tommy Hunter’s son. And it gives him a motive Gail Vella’s murder as he wants to keep his past a secret."

Is Jo's right hand man involved in the brutal and possibly racial attack? Will Jamie add to her list of problems?

In Sunday's installment, DI Kate Fleming found herself in serious peril.

Carmichael's decision to suspend all surveillance ultimately led to DI Kate Fleming finding herself in serious peril.

After sending officers to watch Ryan and Jo after growing suspicious, Pilkington is now on to Kate and knows that she's investigating him.

The Constable made SI Davidson organise a meet-up with Fleming in a shady place so that he could kill her.

The end of the episode saw a huge gun showdown, where Pilkington and Fleming both demanded each other drop their guns.

It ended on two gun shots being fired, but viewers will have to wait until next week to find out if anyone was killed.

Line of Duty continues this Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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