Little People fans slam Amy Roloff for 'never watching Zach & Tori's kids while Matt's girlfriend Caryn always babysits'

LITTLE People, Big World fans slammed Amy Roloff for “never watching Zach and Tori’s kids while Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler always babysits.”

Fans rushed to Twitter to slam the 56-year-old grandma during Tuesday’s episode.

During the latest episode of the TLC show, Caryn appeared to take on the role of step-grandmother by watching Zach and Tori’s children.

As the scene aired, fans took to Twitter to slam their biological grandmother Amy for not being as involved in their lives as Caryn is.

One person wrote: “Do Amy and chris ever watch the grandkids? We see matt and caryn (mostly caryn) watch the grandkids a few times before.”

Another added: “Caryn watches the kids more then Amy.”

A third chimed in: “Surprising to see Caryn care for the kids better than Amy…”

An additional Little People, Big World fan commented: "Caryn is always helping…. Amy is…. Who knows.”

Amy and her ex-husband Matt have had a strained relationship since their divorce in 2016.

The exes share four adult children together: 31-year-old twins Zachary and Jeremy, Molly, 27, and Jacob, 24.

Zach and his wife Tori, 29, share four-year-old son Jackson and one-year-old daughter Lilah.

Amy and Matt are also the grandparents to son Jeremy and daughter-in-law Audrey’s kids Bode and Ember.

Much of Tuesday’s episode followed Amy and her fiancé Chris Marek planning their wedding, which is planned to take place on Roloff Farms.

Fans have watched the couple contemplate on a wedding venue as the reality star was initially against the idea of having a wedding at Roloff Farms after her divorce from ex-husband Matt, 59.

During the season premiere of the TLC show, Matt insisted she should consider the 110-acre farm as a possible wedding venue.

A source exclusively told The Sun Amy is fully on board and feels it would be an easy option for her and Chris.

Amy even called a truce with Matt's girlfriend, Caryn, in order to make the wedding happen.

The insider said: "Amy and Chris are now planning to have the wedding at the farm, and it will be in three months, things are coming together.

"It was Matt's idea initially and Caryn went along with it because they are trying to keep things cordial between them all.

"The reason Amy didn't want to have it at the farm at first is because of the emotional history there, and she didn't know if everyone was on the same page yet.

"Caryn isn't a huge fan of Amy, she feels they are more acquaintances than friends, but she just wants Matt and the family to be happy and for everyone to move on."

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