Loose Womens Nadia Sawalha fumes in explosive rant Have a word with yourself

Nadia has a rant about people being 'uncomfortable' about breastfeeding

Nadia Sawalha fumed: “Have a word with yourself!” as the Loose Women panel discussed the topic of public breastfeeding.

Jane Moore was reading the story of a woman who’d been told to stop breastfeeding during a flight and added: “She felt anxious about the return flight but looked it up on the app, where the response was to avoid breastfeeding in case – I quote – it makes other people feel uncomfortable.”

Nadia couldn’t contain her frustration in the ITV chatshow as she scoffed and asked: “Can I just-“

Finishing the story, Jane cut her off by adding: “Despite there being no official restrictions in place… off you go, Nadia!”

Nadia fumed: “Can I just say… to anyone that finds a woman who is feeding and hydrating a five-week-old human “uncomfortable,” take yourself over to a mirror, look in the mirror and have a word with yourself!”

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As members of the audience cheered her, she added: “Because honestly, think about that – it’s a baby being fed!

“Where is your mind going that you are uncomfortable with that?

“Honestly, it makes me… I just literally can’t believe it.”

She added: “I mean it’s very different if you’ve got everything fully out, swinging around, I can understand that.

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“And I used to be paranoid about anybody seeing me and I was really uncomfortable and nervous – that’s another thing – be kind.

“Think of the woman because for me I was always embarrassed.

“I was always trying to hide everything and trying to keep a human alive – which is actually quite difficult when you’re suddenly handed one!”

Jane used the story to debate whether or not breastfeeding in public was still “a taboo”.

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Gloria Hunniford chimed: “See back in the day… I keep going back to Northern Ireland but it is your upbringing, back in the day you never would have done that in public.

“You’d have been in a room, even in your own house if you had people visiting.

“However, today I think there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman feeding her baby.”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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