Love Island: Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti most compatible couple

There’s been way more twists and turns in the Love Island villa this week, so is back once again to give you the ultimate guide to how compatible the current couples are.

Well, what a wild seven days it’s been in the Love Island villa. 

We’ve said goodbye to two islanders, Billy Brown and Summer Botwe, whose time on the show came to an end in a dramatic start to the week. 

The pair were eliminated after being placed at the bottom by the public, along with Dami Hope and Danica Taylor. 

Meanwhile, fans saw the contestants say hello to four brand-new bombshells, who’ve already really got their work cut out. 

Reece Ford, Jamie Allen, Lacey Edwards and Nathalia Campos were all hoping to make an instant impact on the existing islanders, with the newbies having mixed results. 

Jamie and Lacey quickly got their flirt on with Danica and Deji Adeniyio, and Reece and Nathalia ended up recoupling with each other, after failing to win the affections of any of their fellow contestants. 

While this was all going on, we saw Dami and Indiyah Polack make things official after a steamy night in the hideaway, an iconic feud brewing between Nathalia and Ekin-Su, and Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page’s romance firmly back on track.

But who are the most compatible duo left on the island after another week of messy drama?

Louella Alderson, relationship expert and co-founder of dating site So Syncd, is back to provide her thoughts on exactly who are the most and least compatible pairings of the moment, exclusively for

Ekin and Davide

This week Ekin-Su and Davide are the most compatible couple. As more time goes on, it’s clear that both Ekin-Su and Davide have grown as people throughout the Love Island experience and, most importantly, they both bring out the best in each other. In her recoupling speech, Ekin-Su expressed that, the base of a relationship for her is trust, friendship and laughter, and we have to agree with her on this.

It’s important that your partner brings out the best in you. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time together. For a relationship to thrive, it’s vital that you can make each other laugh, challenge each other to be better, and enjoy each other’s company. Another hallmark of a healthy relationship is that your partner makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

The great thing with Ekin-Su and Davide is, after 6 weeks together, they know each other’s strengths, and they definitely know each other’s weaknesses. They still appreciate each other for their true selves as they just haven’t connected with any new bombshells in a similar way.

Ekin-Su and Davide have had their fair share of tests throughout their time in the villa, including this week. For the Love Island viewers, there was a moment of uncertainty for our favourite divorced parents. When the new bombshells entered and Davide gave Nathalia and Lacey a tour of the villa, it could have gone one of two ways. Luckily for Ekin-Su, Davide shut Nathalia down pretty quickly and they can both spend the last week completely focused on each other. They’ve both had the opportunity with other people, and the interest, but nothing was the same and they found themselves going back to each other.

Davide preferred Ekin-Su’s pancakes and she remains his “Queen of Pancakes”… does it get any more serious than this!? From what we can see, Ekin-Su fell first but maybe Davide is falling harder. And, as Ekin-Su pointed out in her recoupling speech, Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither are strong, healthy relationships with trust and mutual respect.

Gemma and Luca

In the aftermath of Mad Movie night, Luca’s cracks began to show. After being shown to hype up and encourage every other guy in the Love Island villa, Luca reacted badly to Billy flirting with Gemma. Gemma didn’t encourage or overly engage with Billy’s flirting in the snippets the islanders saw. Yet Luca flew off the handle incredibly quickly having laughed at the other islander’s videos throughout the night.

Luca is showing early signs of jealousy and insecurities. In relationships, jealousy and control can start off as small comments here and there, and over time, when someone gets away with it, the comments can turn into fully-fledged accusations and mind games. When jealousy begins to surface, it is important to address it head-on. It often leads to controlling and manipulative behaviour as one person tries to maintain power and dominance over the other.

Gemma is a level-headed, no-nonsense type of person and she’s expressed her frustration and disinterest in this type of behaviour already. Jealous behaviour can push people away and make them feel suffocated, so Luca will need to be cautious of this if it continues in life outside the villa. Hopefully, upon leaving the villa and watching the show back, Luca will see how he has acted and will take some time to self-reflect.

With the time on Love Island coming to a close, Gemma and Luca will face challenges on the outside. Gemma has communicated repeatedly how important family is to her and she wouldn’t ‘go official’ with someone until they’ve met her parents, although apparently saying, ‘I love you’ is OK!

‘Gemma’s mum, Louise Owen, made headlines this week by commenting on Tasha’s Instagram picture saying, ‘I hope Tasha is ok. I feel it’s close to bullying now which is so sad to see.’ This was in reference to Luca, her daughter’s partner, and Dami. On top of this, Luca has been slated heavily by the public for his manipulative behaviour in the villa. This could indicate troubled times ahead for Luca, who will now need to work extra hard to win over Gemma’s parents.

Dami and Indiyah

Dami and Indiyah have had a bit of a wild ride over the last couple of weeks. Most recently when Indiyah called Dami ‘Deji’ twice in 24 hours. Calling your partner your ex’s name is unfortunate, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you still have feelings for your ex. For Indiyah, it’s even more understandable since she can see Deji in the villa at the same time as talking to Dami.

Dami was the one who disrespected Indiyah with his Casa Amor antics and even more so since then. Indiyah had a bit of fun this week when she pied Dami in the ‘snog, marry, pie’ challenge. It was a good opportunity for Indiyah to get her own back in a jokey way. But Dami couldn’t let her have the last laugh and he snogged Summer quite passionately right in front of her. Given that Dami was still in the process of making things up to Indiyah, this felt a little too below the belt and it was quite uncomfortable to watch.

Luckily for Dami, Indiyah said in her recoupling speech that their bond is unbreakable and she can forget quite quickly. Forgiveness is important in any relationship. When one person hurts another, forgiveness is often the only way to move forward. Without it, relationships can end up built on a foundation of resentment and bitterness. However, when you forgive people, it’s important not to compromise on your own core values.

Dami has said he doesn’t like the word exclusive, which we have to say is a bit of a red flag. Exclusive is a way of saying that you’re both focused on each other and no one else. If Dami can’t handle being exclusive with Indiyah after an intense 7 weeks together, then this could indicate that he is probably not ready for a serious relationship.

Following their steamy night in the hideaway, where the salon was well and truly open, Indiyah called Dami her boyfriend, although she made it clear he still has to ask. This couple has weathered a few storms and it will be interesting to see what the last week brings them.

Andrew and Tasha

Tasha and Andrew have proved a lot of people wrong over the past couple of weeks and they have gone from strength to strength. Neither party had any horrible shocks from Mad Movie night as they both came clean and told each other everything that happened, which is always a good start.

Then we saw Andrew get upset at Luca and Dami twice for their inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour towards Tasha. Standing up for your partner against your friends is never easy. However, if you truly love and respect your partner, it’s something you should be willing to do. Your friends may not always see eye to eye with your partner and that’s okay. But if they’re constantly putting them down or making them feel bad, and crossing the line into bullying them, it’s definitely time to stand up for your other half. It shows that you care about them and that you’re willing to defend them, no matter what.

Tasha and Andrew are clearly very into each other, and now the public can see this connection is more genuine, they have increased in popularity. The fact that they haven’t been voted in the bottom three as a couple or separately recently will be a huge confidence boost for them. To some extent, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy as other people believing in their relationship may give them a confidence boost. 

Adam and Paige

Adam and Paige have progressed quite quickly. With only three weeks left on Love Island when Adam entered the villa, he knew he had to move fast to get what he wanted. Adam keeps saying he has never felt like this before, but we can’t forget he went through four girls during his first Love Island experience. However, in all fairness to Adam this time around, he did have the option of Nathalia who chose him for the date. However, he felt it made him even more sure that Paige was the only girl in his eyes.

In her recoupling speech, Paige expressed her happiness with Adam, stating she was more herself now than she had been before, and Adam makes her feel like the only girl in the room. When relationships are easy like this, you can end up getting swept off your feet quite quickly. It seems that Paige hasn’t looked back since Jacques’ quit exit. Jacques has remained firm and has told the press he is still waiting for Paige. But as more time goes on and he sees her relationship with Adam flourish, he could change his mind.

Given the short amount of time left, it’s no huge surprise that Adam and Paige have become exclusive after just over a week of being a couple. Adam and Paige clearly do have a connection, but they haven’t faced any challenges like the rest of the Love Island couples and it really is early days. Adam is definitely rebranding his bad boy image and making a new name for himself. He’s said he won’t be tempted by partying and women after Love Island like the other boys will. But only time will tell on this one.

Deji and Lacey

Deji got more airtime this week and he’s shown he has a funny and flirty side. With Lacey being very new in the villa, they haven’t had much time to get to know each other properly. But from what we can see, there was an instant connection between them.

Lacey is energetic and enthusiastic and appears to be bringing Deji out of his shell. We look forward to seeing what this week has in store for Deji and Lacey.

Danica and Jamie

We have to admire Danica’s strength. Despite all the hardships she has been through in the villa with a few different islanders, she hasn’t given up on her quest for love. After Billy shut the chance of a romantic relationship down, Danica rightfully gave him a piece of her mind. And then the next day her prayers were answered with two male bombshells to pick from.

Danica got herself a couple of kisses from the new lads and ultimately ended up following her heart and picking Jamie in the recoupling. She was initially attracted to Josh the most and their chats have appeared genuine. Jamie told the boys in the villa that he vibes with Danica’s energy and he likes that she’s direct. It’s very early for this couple but this feels like a good start.

Nathalia and Reece

This is a couple of convenience and we haven’t seen them interact in a romantic way yet. Nathalia tried to win the heart of Adam and Davide but ended up being friend zoned by both of them on the same evening. Then there is Reece, who originally tried to date Ekin-Su but was put down immediately, then went after Danica, who ultimately chose Josh.

There were no other options for these two new bombshells but to couple up with each other. With the public vote shortly after the recoupling, it’s likely that they won’t have an opportunity to explore this connection further before their time in the villa is up.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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