Love Island fans SLAM new cast reveal: ‘What a joke of a lineup’

Monday night saw the reveal of one of the most hotly-anticipated line-ups of British television. 

The Love Island 2019 cast was officially announced, featuring twelve single hopefuls looking for love. 

Unfortunately, some diehard fans of the hit ITV show were left disappointed when they laid eyes on the group of twenty-somethings. 

Taking to social media, they slammed the line-up for its lack of diversity. 

Fans were especially surprised to see the absence of “plus-size” contestants, particularly as the show has received criticism in the past over its promotion of unrealistic body ideals. 

Many viewers were hoping that this year would be different and that the cast would feature contestants of more diverse shapes and sizes. 

On top of that, it was felt that the producers could have made a more conscious effort to represent more ethnicities and minorities in the casting. 

Over the years, the majority of contestants have been white and heterosexual – leaving viewers fuming. 

One Twitter user griped: “What a joke of a lineup. Do you want people to feel inadequate and insecure about their bodies?”

A second agreed: “I’m looking forward to Love Island starting soon! However, this body ‘diversity’ is nowhere to be seen.”

While a third asked: “Where are the plus-size or minority representation and diversity?”

And a fourth fumed: “So you put two light skin people, two black people and call that diversity?”

With the debut episode just around the corner, Brits up and down the country will have to wait and see whether ITV made the right decision with their casting. 

And, with more contestants joining once the show is in swing, who knows who could be the next addition to the villa. 

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