Love Island’s Iain Stirling says he’s banned from being ‘too mean’ to stars

Love Island just wouldn't be the same without Iain Sterling's mickey-taking, but it seems like the comedian will have to be a bit nicer to the contestants this year.

The show's narrator, 31, has been told "you can't say that!" by his bosses after he tried to slip in some very mean jokes.

Iain, who is dating Laura Whitmore , made the revelation on Sunday Brunch today.

He said: "Some of them they let us do – and some they say: 'You obviously can't say that.'"

Iain also admitted that he manages to sneak in some rude Scottish phrases into his commentary and his bosses don't realise what he means.

He added: "We get some Scottish phrases in. London TV execs are like: 'Oh, what a quaint phrase.' I'm like: 'That doesn't mean that.'"

Iain and his writing partner Mark get sent that night's episode around 2pm and write jokes around it before hitting the beach.

The comic revealed that he originally turned down the cushty job because it clashes with his other work.

He explained: "I said no loads of times because I'm not a reality TV guy. It films in July, just before the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. But I've never looked back."

Iain's girlfriend Laura recently revealed her pain at being separated from him while he's in Spain filming Love Island for eight weeks.

She said: "I'm a massive fan [of Love Island]. He’s [Iain Sterling] there in Mallorca for eight weeks – I don’t understand why he has to be there.

"Could he not do it from a studio in London? But apparently he has to be there!"

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