Lydia Bright slams ex James Argent as 'the GC's sidekick' in the wake of their break-up

LYDIA Bright slammed ex James Argent as 'the GC's sidekick' on her family podcast, The Brights.

The former Towie star, 29, bumped into her ex boyfriend prior to appearing on Good Morning Britain last month.

Lydia and James, 31, dated on and off for seven years until finally ending things for good in 2016.

In the podcast, the reality star can be heard admitting that she was scared it might be awkward after learning that he was working on the ITV news show.

However, the pair seemed to get along well as they shared a brief conversation before the family were due to discuss their podcast live on air.

Arg said: "Hello. Oh it's lovely to see you."

Lydia's dad chipped in, saying: "James, I've missed you so much. Love ya. You still owe me a curry."

Arg replied: "I've missed you too Dave. Fred, you look smart mate. You're taller than me."

Cutting in, Lydia admitted: "I thought you were going to interview us. I thought: 'This is going to be so awkward.'"

However, Arg joked: "No, I'm not quite there yet."

The crooner then asked Lydia about the second series of the family podcast, although he insisted that he'd been 'too busy' to listen.

But Lydia quipped: "Doing what? The Arg band? Being the GC's sidekick? Being her chaperone."

Arg hit back: "Listen, you're on my show today. You're the guest. Slow yourself down."

Their brief encounter happened last month, in the wake of the Towie star's split from co-star Gemma Collins, 38.

And their reunion was no doubt a cause for concern for the self-confessed diva, who in unearthed footage admitted she has insecurities over Lydia from way back.

In her solo reality show Diva Espana she sobbed as she told producers on camera that she thinks Arg has never loved her as much as he did his longterm ex.

In August, she held her head in her hands and wept over her fears that he wasn't over Lydia.

The Dancing On Ice diva said: "He doesn't care that I'm his girlfriend… and the fact that someone says to me does it hurt that I'll never love you like I loved my ex-girlfriend…

"Like it took me to go out out in a yacht to talk this through. I ain't f*****g about here… I'm not living another day in this circus – his circus."

However, last week Gemma insisted  she’s still single and is “free at last” after the split.

She wrote: “Next chapter of my life and very excited .single. successful . #divaforever #notimefordisrespect #freeatlast #knowyourworth.”

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