MAFS UK fans floored at Lauras brutal six-word message as she dumps Arthur

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    Married At First Sight fans are blasting bride Laura’s “brutal” dumping as she ditches Arthur during their vowel renewal.

    As E4 fans tuned in to see which newlyweds would continue on with their marriage after the experiment ends, Laura and Arthur were up first as they donned their formal wedding outfits and penned their heartfelt decisions on paper. Arthur leading the way, gushing over his bride and expressing his desire to remain a married couple.

    But Laura did not feel the same way. After some advice from her friends, which fans blasted as “the worst advice ever” she told her beau that he had made her realize what she “did not want” in a man before reminding him she herself is “one hell of a woman” and dumping him. Fans were outraged at her words, with oen even dubbing her a “heartless b**ch”.

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    “Laura Laura you are the most heartless b**ch that’s ever walked the planet, and them b**ches of your so called friends. I’m actually angry Arthur you’re the really winner here,” blasted one fan on X. Another dubbed her words “cold”.

    “Well…Laura was an absolute c**t. She didnt need to be so cold, and then just walk off. If you actually liked #Arthur as a person, why not at least give him a hug??” A third penned: “Laura's true colours came out. Nasty person just like her friends.”

    Next up was Erica and Jordan who’s future was up in the air after Erica expressed doubts over her desire to be with Jordan. Erica was also seen getting advice from friends, after Jordon offered to move up to Edinburgh to make their marriage work.

    Fans were stunned as they told Erica his offer to move was invasive to her life.” “Erica’s friend said Jordan moving to Edinburgh is invasive to Erica’s life???? I thought she came on the show to marry? Aint married people supposed to live together?” queried one fan.

    Another echoed: “Why the fu** have you got “married” if you think your partner moving closer to you is invasive?” and a third added: “does Erica not know that she’s actually married to Jordan? why is she saying him moving to be with her will be invasive??”

    Ultimately the pair both decided to stay married and finished the experiment as a married couple.

    Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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