Makes my blood boil! Eamonn Holmes exposes secret note Ruth Langsford wrote about caller

This Morning: Ruth Langsford’s blood ‘boils’ at caller's lazy husband

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Deidre Sanders joined Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to hand out her advice to This Morning callers and one in particular struck a chord. One caller explained their partner isn’t supporting them enough when it comes to caring for their autistic child. While Deidre said they should speak to their husband, Ruth scribbled a note revealing her true thoughts to Eamonn, which he then shared with viewers.

“Maybe your partner just struggles with the autism and he needs more support so he understands how he can better cope with that,” Deirdre explained to the caller.

Eamonn agreed: “Well explained Deirdre. Tough situation Lucy and we hope it improves for you. Thanks for sharing with us today.

“Ruth summed that one up, she wrote two words here,” referring to a note she’d jotted down.

“Don’t!” Ruth insisted but her husband continued: “The first one was lazy and I can’t tell you the second one.”

Clearly unimpressed with him, Ruth snapped: “Eamonn!” but he ignored her and told viewers: “I’m just saying, that makes you angry.”

“That was a private message,” Ruth explained. “It makes my blood boil. How can you sit there and let that woman especially with needs and as Deirdre said, challenging behaviours, and think you can sit on your phone.”

Eamonn provided balance, adding: “Everybody has issues and there may be different ways of looking at it.”

Elsewhere on Wednesday’s This morning, Eamonn shared advice with Emma Thompson when it was revealed her partner Greg Wise is taking part on Strictly.

Strictly: Eamonn Holmes issues warning to Emma Thompson

“What I want to say to her is this, ‘Emma, you do not know what is ahead, you really don’t,’” Eamonn warned.

“She has to sit on a chair every Saturday night that is too small for your bottom. It’s wooden.”

Ruth cut in: “It’s too small for your bottom. It won’t be too small for Emma’s bottom.”

“It’s too small for everyone’s bottom,” Eamonn hit back.

“Then you go through the highs and the lows. He won’t be interested in you.

“He’s only interested in his partner. They become a unit, a bubble. It’s all about who their partner is.”

Greg laughed: “It will all be celery juice and sequins.”

“I suppose as actors you guys may be used to that because you do go into a bubble, you do go into a zone preparing for that part,” Eamonn remarked.

Greg agreed: “No, yeah you do have to. In fact, it’s almost harder making a film when you’re living at home than being on location even though you’re missing everyone.

“You can just keep that world. Stay in it.”

“Unfortunately you will be at home for this one,” Eamonn pointed out.

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