Mandy viewers left 'vomiting' as leading lady wees in wine bottle and then drinks it with her date

MANDY has been leaving audiences in stitches since dropping on BBC iPlayer earlier this month.

The unique blend of slapstick, sarcasm and silliness has impressed viewers – but once scene got tongues wagging for all the wrong reasons.

In episode 4, Fish, Mandy (Diane Morgan) embarked on a date with gues star Sean Lock, who played a man obsessed with fish.

Things got off to a bad start when Sean's character decided to indulge in a fish pedicure at the salon Mandy was working at.

Alas, she'd accidentally filled the tank with piranhas, meaning Sean ended up losing a toe – yet somehow, he was still willing to give Mandy a chance.

After inviting her over to meet his fish, Sean disappeared into the loo, leaving Mandy with their bottle of wine.

Unfortunately Mandy also needed to use the bathroom, and after failing to get through to Sean, she took drastic measures.

She began by pouring the remaining wine into the fish tank, killing his beloved pets.

Next she rolled up a magazine to create a makeshift funnell and urinated into the empty bottle.

However, the worst was yet to come as Sean returned to the room and instinctively poured them both a glass of "wine," before taking to sip.

Despite knowing what was really in the bottle Mandy was happy to join in and the pair began discussing the flavour in great detail.

Unsurpisingly the moment left many repulsed and they took to Twitter with messages of disgust.

"Omg think I'm gonna be sick at them drinking her p**s!" one user wrote, alongside a vomiting emoji.

"Mandy you are an absolute wrong'un letting him drink that lol," a second chimed in.

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"BRB just throwing up at this fish episode of Mandy," a third added.

Meanwhile others posted various GIFs of people retching alongside hashtags for the show.

Other guest stars on Mandy include EastEnders legend Natalie Cassidy.

All episodes of Mandy are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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