Mark Labbett makes Beat The Chasers history with lowest time offer for £100,000

Beat the Chasers: Contestant takes Mark’s offer

Beat The Chasers is back with a brand new series and while Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis doesn’t appear, the usual five Chasers are in their seats. In tonight’s instalment of the thrilling spin-off show, Mark Labbett tries to out-do his fellow quiz brains with an offer like no other. And unbeknownst to him and those watching at home, he has made Beat The Chasers history by offering the lowest time for the highest amount of cash. But does the player take the risk and go head to head with all five Chasers? 

As usual, Sean ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace kicks things off with an offer of £2,000 for 38 seconds. 

But contestant Luigi would have to face him and Jenny Ryan. 

If he thinks he can take on more than those two, then for £20,000 Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha will join. 

The third offer is for £50,000 and a little more time on the clock – 50 seconds in total to be precise – but a chance to play against Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty. 

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Should he fancy facing Mark, then he has to decide whether the lowest amount of time is worth potentially winning a huge jackpot. 

You’re absolutely right Luigi, those weren’t generous offers,” Mark said. 

“And unlike the others I’ve read the rule book from back to front. 

“So I’m going to offer you 49 seconds on our clock and 100 grand says you can’t beat all five of us.

“Come up and play!” He encouraged. 

Discussing his choices with Bradley Walsh, Luigi says: “I’m not going to take the 38 seconds. 

“I’m only here once, so seeing that Beastie has been so generous I’ll go for the £100,000.” 

“Going for the hundred grand, well done Luigi. Let’s hope your luck stays with you, lucky Luigi. It’s time to see if you can Beat The Chasers,” the host remarks. 

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ITV viewers will have to tune in tonight to see whether or not the contestant walks home £100,000 richer. 

But either way, he has been part of history in the making as Mark’s offer is the highest amount of money, for the lowest amount of time. 

During season one of Beat The Chasers, £100,000 was only offered three times and that was for 55 seconds on the clock. 

In the first episode of season two, £100,000 was offered twice, but for 50 seconds. 

So far, the game has accumulated £314,000 of winnings with the average win per contestant sitting at £10,000 to £20,000. 

Due to the popularity of the gameshow, Australia, Finland and the Netherlands have already planned to air their local versions. 

It seems, Beat The Chasers is following in The Chases successes. 

Beat The Chasers airs tonight on ITV at 9pm. 

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