Married At First Sight Australia Mike Gunner makes harsh dig at ex Heidi Latchman saying new girlfriend Sonja 'gets him'

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Mike Gunner has taken a swipe at his ex wife Heidi Latchman while posing with his new girlfriend.

Mike, 45, has shared a new photo of himself and Sonja Marcelline as they relaxed on the beach together.

The former electrician, who is now a trained tattooist, then told his followers how nice it is to have a girlfriend who "gets him".

In an apparent swipe at his MAFS Australia ex-wife Heidi, Mike said: "Nice to have a girl who gets me.

"I’m pretty direct and often my filter gets clogged but she likes that about me.

"Her hugs are warm and she’s gentle and kind. She puts me in my place when I need it but also sees my soft side. I need that."

Commenting, one fan wrote: "This post kinda seems like you’re directing it it at Heidi, at times you were horrible to her."

However, another said: "Well done Mike, you deserve a nice girl in your life and you look great together. Good on you mate."

Mike married Heidi in the 2019 series of MAFS Australia, which is currently airing in the UK on E4.

The pair were instantly attracted to each other but hit their first bump in the road during their honeymoon.

Mike scathingly told Heidi that 'he was not her therapist' as she opened up to him about her difficult upbringing.

Brit viewers have watched the husband and wife endure a rocky romance, fuelled by both passion and arguments.

Although they have now gone their separate ways, Mike has since admitted that he regrets breaking up with Heidi.

During the Grand Reunion show, that was filmed in December 2020, the star said of his ex: "She could light up a room like no one I've ever met.

"Everybody fell for it, and I see it as a huge missed opportunity. I don't know if I've made peace with it, even two years later.

"I made a lot of mistakes. They were hurtful to her and damaging to our relationship."

Mike – who met Sonja on dating app Bumble towards the end of last year – was asked if they are still in contact.

He admitted that messages he has sent to Heidi have gone unanswered.

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