Married At First Sight star Morag hits back as fans savage her for 'leading on' Luke

MARRIED At First Sight star Morag Crichton has hit back after a fan accused her of "leading on" Luke Dawson.

Throughout the series fans, and Morag herself, have questioned her feelings towards Luke, but she has been reluctant to call it quits.

During an Instagram Q&A with fans, one person asked her: “Why did you lead Luke on so much.? You knew you wasn't feeling him so why stay?”

Clearly furious, Morag hit back:  “How did I lead him on when I was open and honest the whole way!

“Leading him on would be lying! He’s a big boy if he didn't want to be there he wouldn't.”

She continued: “Remember you only see snippets of our relationship on the show. We have had our ups and down sure but I will feel no shame in continuing to try!”

Viewers were left devastated when Luke confessed he loved Morag, but she didn’t say it back. 

Speaking to her pals, Morag revealed that she doesn't see a future with Luke.

She said: "I just feel like running for the hills."

Her friend also shared her doubts, saying: "I just don't feel like it's going to work."

He ended up coming to blows with the friend and the row left him feeling distraught and seriously doubting their relationship.

Speaking to the camera, the fireman said: "I'm feeling angry, I feel like an absolute mug.

"I've had Morag's back for the entire process. I don't care about what her friends opinion is. I don't care anything about what anything thinks of me.

"But Morag did not have my back tonight."


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