Martin Lewis storms off This Morning saying 'see you' after Phillip Schofield says he can't have cake

THIS Morning's Martin Lewis stormed off the show today when Phillip Schofield denied him a slice of cake.

The money-saving expert, 49, asked if he could have some of the pudding that had been cooked up in the kitchen.

And when Phillip said no, he got up and walked off the set as a joke – before coming back when the hosts said they couldn't do the finance feature without him.

Martin asked, pointing at the cake: "If I'm in the studio does that mean I get to taste it?"

Phillip, 59, replied: "No I don't think you're allowed to. Covid, social distancing, sorry."

At that Martin got up and walked off saying: "See you next week."

Holly joked: "Phil and I are doing money problems this week. Good luck everyone."

But Martin swiftly returned to his seat laughing to answer viewers' questions in his 'borrowing masterclass'.

Later Holly reassured him that he would be getting a piece of cake after he said he still hadn't been given his slice.

Asked if he'd had any yet, he replied bluntly: "No cake."

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