Mary J. Blige Power Book 2 audition: How did Monet star win role? Actress explains all

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Power Book II: Ghost is on a short midseason hiatus with the series confirmed to return in December. Ghost is the first spin-off from the wildly successful series Power and introduced Mary J. Blige’s character Monet Tejada as a key player. The actress and legendary music artist has opened up about how she ended up winning the part.

Did Mary J. Blige have to audition for Power Book 2?

Speaking to This Is 50 about how she got involved in Ghost, Blige said: “I didn’t have to audition.

“I was going to [Power creator] Courtney [Kemp] and 50 Cent about some ideas I had for my production company and this character happened to come up and we started talking about her.

“This character happened to be a real character, who was someone in my life, many women in my life.

“And we just kept conversing about this woman, this woman and Courtney wanted to hear more about my friends and how I grew up and who I hung out with.”

The star continued: “We started talking about did I want to be a part of the series and the character was the conversation.”

Before she took on the part of Monet, Blige had already starred in many other projects including a memorable turn as assassin Cha-Cha in The Umbrella Academy.

She also appeared in the Scream TV series, The Violent Heart, Pink Skies Ahead and Body Cam.

IMDb has stated she will next be playing Dinah Washington in the movie Respect, which is due for release in 2021.

Although Monet is fictional, she does take her cue from reality – both Kemp and Blige’s own lives and it appears the actress’ lived-in experience helped her clinch the part.

Blige was a fan of Power prior to being cast in the show and following news she was joining the show, she admitted she had known of women like Monet.

She told USA Today how Monet was “real boss” as she ran a huge drugs operation in Queens while her husband was behind bars.

The star told the outlet: “What made this role special to me is not just that she’s a queenpin and she’s a powerful woman…

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“She is a survivor, a single mother trying to raise her children, a woman who survives and lives in a male-dominated world and male-dominated business.”

Blige added: “She has to do it alone now and she knows how, because she was the one showing (her husband) how to do it.”

Monet has nous and is highly suspicious of everyone, including Tariq St Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr), who comes into her orbit through her children.

Although she allows Tariq to partner up with her and work for the drug business, she is keeping a close eye on the college student and is keen to know about his background.

Tariq and Monet are likely to clash at some point, particularly when the truth emerges about who his father was.

Although Monet is a huge power player on New York’s drug scene and would have heard of Ghost (Omari Hardwick), she would be in the dark about his real identity as James St Patrick.

Ghost managed to evade the FBI for years on countless occasions, keeping his identity hidden and at the same time forging a career as a successful businessman who had set his sights on politics.

When the truth does come out, it’s likely to mark a shift in the dynamic between Monet and Tariq with the queenpin wary of a potential foe trying to muscle in on her territory.

Power seasons 1 to 6 is streaming on Netflix now and Power Book II: Ghost is streaming on Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video

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