Masterchef fans disgusted as contestant serves TWO raw meat dishes in 'bloodbath' semi-final

MASTERCHEF fans were horrified as a contestant served TWO raw meat dishes in what was described as a 'bloodbath' semi-final.

The participants aimed to serve up their best meals yet in a bid to reach the cooking show's grand final.

Contestant Christian prepared a pair of lamb dishes – the first of which was a lamb loin, which judge Gregg Wallace refused to eat as it wasn't cooked to his liking.

The car sales manager's second lamb meal did little to improve matters and even admitted: "It hasn’t quite gone to plan.”

Fans were less than impressed as one remarked: "Christian, next time you cook the lamb, turn the gas on #MasterChef."

Another viewer added: "#MasterChef not for the faint hearted #bloodbath."

A third viewer penned: "Oh no…Not another rack of lamb! And he already failed to cook a piece of lamb properly… #MasterChef."

While another user raged: "Twice this week they've had people who can't cook lamb. I thought this was MASTERCHEF? Why have 90% of the contestants so far been rubbish??? #MasterChefUK #masterchef."

Judge John Torode commented: "Both times he hasn’t cooked it properly.”

"Christian’s just taken his rack of lamb out of the oven and realised it’s completely raw in the middle.”

“He’s actually clever enough to heat a pan and he’s going to cook them like lamb cutlets.”

He also mentioned he couldn't eat the lamb because of the fat and added: "I was really looking forward to the spices on that lamb but I can’t eat them because I can’t eat the fat. The lamb fat is not cooked at all, which is a real shame.”

Greg gave his final assessment, commenting: "The lamb meat is beautifully pink – you’ve got colour on the outside. It’s just really crying out for that lamb fat to be crispy.”

Christian's efforts were in vain as he was unable to secure a place in the final and he gave his final thoughts upon leaving.

He explained: "I knew there were mistakes, I should have rendered the fat a lot more. I’m disappointed, obviously. The pressure of time, yes was definitely more that I’d anticipated. But I’ve loved it. I’ve loved every minute."

MasterChef returns to BBC One on Thursday at 8pm. 

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