Megan Barton-Hanson reveals she wants to 'couple up' with Maura Higgins and slams people sexualising her bisexuality

MEGAN Barton-Hanson has revealed her secret crush on fellow Love Island star Maura Higgins and would like to ‘couple up’ with her. 

The 26-year-old has been incredibly open about her bisexuality and slammed those who call it an addiction. 

Megan was one of the main characters during Love Island series five in 2018, where she coupled up with co-star Wes Nelson. 

The babe then came out as bisexual in an appearance on Celebs Go Dating, where she dated co-star Demi Sims. 

Speaking about her bisexuality, Megan opened up about having a crush on Ann Summers model Maura and how she would have liked to get with her if they’d been on the show in the same year. 

She said: “I’d love to have coupled up with Maura.”

“I think we’re so similar in so many ways, like our views and stuff – but I don’t know if I could handle her, she’s very high maintenance, but I guess I am too!”

Megan opened up about her crushes while talking to The Tab and revealed she also quite fancied Laura Crane who appeared on the show same year as her, but kept it to herself because she was so invested in Wes.

Outspoken Megan also slammed claims that she is only bisexual because she has had bad relationships with men. 

The star added she gets infuriated when people say she has “gone back” to being straight when she dates a man.

Speaking about being bisexual, she said: “That’s nearly as infuriating as being told it’s because of bad relationships with men, one hundred per cent… 

“They think my bisexuality is a sex addiction.”

Since shooting to fame on Love Island, bisexual Megan has enjoyed relationships with fellow islander Wes Nelson, musician Chelcee Grimes and a fling with Towie's Demi Sims.

She was recently pictured kissing married millionaire Harry Fenner only to ditch him after discovering he had a wife.

The confident star speaks freely about sex and women's pleasure, and as a result is inundated with messages from both men and women asking how to boost their own love lives.

Megan said: "I get so many DMs from both men and women. Guys saying 'what would you recommend for my partner' or women saying 'it’s my first time, I’ve never purchased anything before.'"

The former stripper says she has always been a sexual person, so much so that she felt apologetic about it growing up.

But nowadays she refuses to be shamed for her sexual nature and wants to use her platform to reassure people that it's OK to embrace their's too.

She said: "Growing up everyone goes through the awkward teenage stage, and I was very introverted and very shy.

"I was apologetic for how open I was and how sexual I was back then, so for me I never want a girl to feel a sense of shame.

"It’s fine if men are like that but because we’re female we have to be quiet about it.

"Whether it’s trolling or whether it’s anything you believe in now I’ve got older with age I’m like No, this is me and my truth, if you don’t like it…

"Sometimes people around me are like 'you’re too honest'. I think women’s sexuality and women’s pleasure has always been a bit taboo, but hopefully using my platform like this will lead other girls to feel comfortable."

During her time in the Love Island villa Megan was demonised for having sex with Eyal Booker and Wes during the course of the show.

She remains a big fan of the programme but is keen for male and female contestants to be treated the same when it comes to sex.

"On the show I got a lot of hate for sleeping with two guys in that whole period, and it blew my mind how men contestants had done the same and hadn’t been asked that in interviews," she said.

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