NCIS LAs LL Cool J hints at Sam Hanna return after series axe

NCIS LA's Caleb Castille shows behind the scenes of boat shed

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Although NCIS Los Angeles was the first spin-off to come from the NCIS franchise, it will officially be coming to an end after season 14. As many eagerly await the dreaded finale, fans could potentially see Sam Hanna (played by LL Cool J) appear in another NCIS show. 

News of NCIS LA’s cancellation came as a major shock for fans worldwide. 

Since 2009, millions have switched to CBS to see which Navy criminal case the skilled agents will take on next. 

Although the exact reasons for the cancellation have yet to be revealed, Deadline speculated it could be due to budget cuts. 

While viewers still reeling from the jaw-dropping announcement, LL Cool J remained optimistic about the future of his character. 

Reflecting on the show’s success, he shared: “Well, I gotta tell you it’s not hard at all, CBS did an amazing thing with us; it’s been an amazing run. 

“We’re talking about 14 years, were not talking about two-and-a-half, three years and ‘Oh it was fun while it lasted.'”

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, LL Cool J added: “This was 14 years. So, I think that the show has done tremendous numbers.”

The Sam Hanna star went on to reveal NCIS Hawaii’s Vanessa Lachey offered him a chance to star on her show.


LL hinted this could be a possibility as he addressed his character’s future. 

He teased: “I’ll definitely keep that invitation in mind, Vanessa, and you never know. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll come play a little bit, we’ll see.”

The last time viewers watched Sam and Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) work closely together was during the epic three-hour crossover event. 

The crossover was a huge success as the character from NCIS, NCIS LA and NCIS Hawaii worked together on live-saving investigations.

During the NCIS LA episode, Fatima (Medalion Rahimi) and Roundtree (Caleb Castille) found themselves under gunfire.

They were dispatched to Kilbride’s (Gerard McRaney) impersonal house and attacked by gunmen who captured Roundtree and left Fatima shaken.

Thankfully a familiar voice returned to help the team, as Sam and Callen unlocked a cryptic text which unveiled Hetty Lange’s (Linda Hunt) secret message.

With her help, the agents were able to her lead to find Roundtree and Kilbride.


The crossover was such a huge success for NCIS LA as it bagged a whopping 6.7 million viewers, making it the largest audience for the show since April 2020.

Sadly, this wasn’t enough to keep the show on screens as Deadline reported: “The cancellation of a long-running drama with big-name leads filming in LA should not come as a shock given the big price tag involved, especially at a time when networks across the board are looking to cut their spending.”

When the news first broke, LL Cool J took to social media with photos of the cast and wrote: “This NCIS Crossover was a huge success! After 14 seasons, it’s the perfect time to end @NCISLA on top!

“I look forward to continuing my partnership with @CBSTVStudios. They invested in our series B round and became a strategic partner with @RockTheBells — more exciting things ahead!”

NCIS Los Angeles season 14 continues Wednesdays on CBS in the USA and the following Sunday on Sky Max in the UK.

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