Netflix fans ‘scared to eat meat’ after revolting scenes in new documentary Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food | The Sun

NETFLIX viewers have been left feeling scared to eat meat ever again after disgusting scenes in the documentary Poisoned which promises “you’ll never look at store-bought food the same way.”

Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food takes a look at failing food health regulations that have led to deadly food-borne illnesses in the US and dismantles claims that North America has “the safest food in the world.”

Per the official synopsis, Poison “exposes how decades of apathy and malfeasance have left the American food supply and its consumers vulnerable to deadly pathogens like E. Coli and salmonella.”

The Netflix documentary, which comes in at just under an hour and thirty minutes runtime, is based on a 2011 book by Jeff Benedict called Poisoned: The True Story Of The Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed The Way Americans Eat. 

The series consults experts from across the US such as Food Safety News’ Publisher and food safety lawyer Bill Marler, as well as people personally impacted by food-borne illness. 

The documentary outlines that food companies fail to see food for what it is, instead viewing it as a commodity and prioritising turning a profit over practising safe standards. And it claims improper health and safety practices have made diseases E. Coli and Salmonella rife in the US.


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Seeing the devastation that has been caused by supermarket food, which should be safe to eat, has left Netflix fans terrified. 

With meat like chicken being the biggest cause of these diseases, some viewers have been turned off for life. 

“I cannot buy chicken after watching Poisoned on Netflix,” one viewer said on Twitter.

Another fan added: “Watching Poisoned on Netflix it’s basically just confirming to me that the meat industry is the root of all food unsafety.”

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 “This Poisoned documentary on Netflix makes me wanna turn vegan,” a third wrote. 

And in reference that depicted how horribly chicks were treated in the food system, a viewer wrote: “The Poisoned Netflix documentary makes me contemplate switching to a vegan lifestyle perdue [a chicken supplier] tossing those lil chicks like rags.”

The documentary hasn’t just turned viewers off meat either as it revealed other food like fruit and veg can also be contaminated with bacteria. 

“I watched Poisoned the other night on Netflix and I’m so paranoid about everything I eat now,” one viewer admitted. 

“Just watched the Poisoned documentary on Netflix and now I can no longer eat romaine or bagged lettuce, cantaloupe, sprouts and chicken,” added another social media user.

A third admitted: “Finished Poisoned on Netflix and immediately had to go edit my grocery delivery order for tomorrow. NO BAG SALADS EVER AGAIN.”

While another viewer even went so far as to suggest they wouldn’t be buying from supermarkets again: “Watched Poisoned on Netflix. I’ll now be watching tutorials on how to grow my own food.”

Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food is available to stream on Netflix.

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