Netflix Posters Go Missing At Venice Film Festival, Leaving Studio Sleuths To Wonder Whether Its Overzealous Fans Or Something More Sinister

EXCLUSIVE: We’ve all heard about the occasional bicycle thief at the Venice Film Festival. Less so poster thieves.

That’s what Netflix has seemingly encountered after a handful of its kickstand posters went missing outside the five-star Excelsior Hotel.

Six posters for movies Maestro and The Killer went missing Monday night leaving some studio staff wondering whether the disappearances are a result of theft by overzealous fans or something more co-ordinated.

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As far as we know, Netflix was the only studio to have its posters taken down. The streamer re-added new posters Tuesday.

We’ve asked the festival whether they’re aware of anything similar taking place this year or in previous editions. Nothing back so far.

There was a time a decade ago when Netflix movies were greeted with ripples of boos at major festivals due to the thorny windowing debate. But those days are in the rearview mirror and the streamer is a regular and valued studio partner at Venice and other festivals. With that in mind, it seems more likely that the disappearances are a result of overzealous fans. They are nice posters, after all.

A couple of trade journalists at the festival had their bikes stolen on the Lido this year. That was almost certainly local thieves rather than sabotage from other trades. We hope.

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