New look at Jay and Lola's emotional day out as the end nighs in EastEnders

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has been determined to live every day to the full since learning that she only has six months left to live in EastEnders, and soon this philosophy will see her braving the seaside on a windy day with devoted husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick).

Viewers saw Lola be diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour late last year, before undergoing treatment to prolong her life.

Several months later, she found herself zoning out and suffering from memory loss and took herself to the hospital to get checked out.

After undergoing an MRI scan, Lola was informed that her chemotherapy had stopped working, meaning that she only had six months left to live.

This news knocked her for six and left her family heartbroken.

In more recent scenes, viewers have seen Lola overcome her pain and exhaustion to make special memories with her family, including hosting a birthday party for ‘pops’ Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), who she hailed her superhero.

Though Billy was overwhelmed by the prospect of celebrating under the cloud of such heart breaking news, Lola was determined to create happy memories, and ultimately managed to convince him to enjoy himself.

Lola will continue to make happy memories on a day out to Margate with husband Jay, as new pictures show.

Jay had recently planned a trip to the London Eye, followed by lunch up The Shard for them both to enjoy, but unfortunately had to cancel the day out when he was called into work.

In order to allow Jay to spend precious time with Lola, Billy teamed up with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) to help get Jay’s shifts covered, leaving him free to treat Lola whenever he wants.

With Lola and Jay determined to make the most of every moment, will the day go by without a hitch?

EastEnders cast and crew were recently spotted filming Lola’s funeral, meaning that the character may not be on-screen for too much longer.

Will this be the couple’s last day out as the tragic end draws near?

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