Next James Bond radical changes predicted by Daniel Craig director

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After six official James Bond actors across six decades, it’s that time once again when 007 producers will be thinking deeply about who to cast in the reboot and how to push the franchise forward into the future. This will be no easy feat, with EON Productions’ Barbara Broccoli confirming earlier this year that Bond 26 is at least two years away from starting production.

The way it works with the Bond film franchise is that Broccoli and her brother Michael G Wilson will sit down and work out how they want it to change going forwards.

Will it be gritty like the Daniel Craig era or lighter like Roger Moore? Whatever the case, they want the feel to reflect the times, just like Casino Royale represented a post-9/11 world or GoldenEye a post-Cold War one.

Only after this will the producer siblings start auditioning the right actor – who will be a man, but of ethnicity – to fit that reboot that they think is just right for the franchise.

Sam Mendes, who directed 50th anniversary Bond movie Skyfall and its follow-up Spectre (Craig’s third and fourth 007 outings of five), has shared his thoughts, predictions and wants for the future of Ian Fleming’s spy.

Speaking with Deadline, he said of possibly returning to direct: “I don’t think they’d want me anymore. It was an incredible thing to do at that moment in my life; I couldn’t have asked for a better thing. I saw the world in a different way. [Making Bond movies is] like erecting scaffolding and building an entire world… It’s exhausting, in a different way.”

As for Bond 26 as a reboot, Mendes admitted that 007 has to evolve just as action movies have been, including their use of CGI.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker said: “I don’t envy Barbara having to follow Daniel’s [Craig] five movies. He reinvigorated the franchise but the franchise is so huge that it’s very difficult for a younger actor to step into that.”

Asked if he was actually told that the Bond franchise didn’t need him anymore, he said: “Let me rephrase that.”

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Mendes added: “I think that the actor playing Bond is going to evolve, the director has to evolve. I think it would be wonderful to see a woman directing Bond. I think it would be wonderful.”

Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow is well known for her action movies from The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty to Point Break, so she’d be a great choice if they go down that route.


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