Nicolas Cage recites monologue about vaginas to launch Netflix series

Nicolas Cage has recited a powerful and very, very weird monologue about vaginas to celebrate the launch of his new Netflix show. 

The star is turning TV presenter in a new series based on the History Of Swear Words. 

The six-episode series, which launches in January, will see Cage explore the origins and impact of some of our favourite expletives, including f**k, s**t, b***h, d**k, p***y and damn. 

In the trailer for the show, we catch the 56-year-old painting in his parlour (as you do) as he recites a powerful monologue in a way only Nicolas Cage can. 

As he paints at an easel, Cage keeps us guessing as he describes what he’s painting, and states: ‘A thing of great wonder and mystery, quivering complexity, strength and resilience. However also, buried within, a delicate femininity, and dare I even say, naughtiness.

‘Look one way and you see a gentle feline innocence. But another way and… oh my.’ 

‘Yes, it has the power to stare at our souls and intoxicate our minds,’ he continued.

‘Men have died for it. Women have moved in with each other way too soon for it, and to fully capture its essence, we must plunge unafraid, deep within it’s checked garden. 

‘Oh, my friends we are so close now, feast your eyes upon the very house of life and death. The temple of sensuality, and a term for that kid too afraid to play dodge ball in gym class. Behold!’ 

He then reveals the painting to be a flower with the word ‘pussy’ written across it. 

‘…It also could be a cat.’ 

We’re already completely f***ing invested in this show. 

Cage will be conducting interviews with historians as well as entertainers about their love of swearing, with London Hughes, Jim Jefferies, Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman and Sarah Silverman all making an appearance. 

The History of Swear Words launches January 5 on Netflix.

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