Nikki Bella Gets Real on Instagram About Her Post-Baby Body

Reality star Nikki Bella recently announced the birth of her son with Dancing with the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev. The former WWE champ delivered her first child within the same 24 hours as her twin sister Brie, who also had a baby boy. 

Now Nikki is taking to social media took to reveal what her post-baby body looks like in the hopes of encouraging other new moms not to be too hard on themselves.

Nikki Bella becomes a mom

At the end of July, Bella announced the arrival of her bundle of joy on social media.

“Our baby boy is here and we couldn’t be HAPPIER and more in LOVE!” Nikki tweeted on July 31, 2020. “Everyone is safe and healthy!”

A few days later, she kept her followers in the loop on how she was feeling as a new mom.

“The last few days have been truly incredible! Such a beautiful learning experience, still is, and wow a love like this!” Nikki tweeted. “Everything you all have said it would be! I’ve never smiled so much with such little sleep. I’m in heaven! I’m so happy!!”

The reality star also referenced her twin making it to the delivery room first.

“And how about that tag team!! I can’t believe Brie & I had boys less than 24 hours apart!” the Total Bellas star tweeted. “Honestly only us! lol And that I beat her. As you can imagine everyone said it was my baby & mines competitive side that kicked in! I can’t wait for our Bellas Boys to grow up together!”

WWE champ goes for ‘real’ and ‘raw’

In a late August post, Nikki revealed her son’s full name – Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev. She recently posted another pic of her baby boy sharing the joy he’s brought into her life.

“This face officially owns me for the rest of my life! lol,” she wrote on Instagram. “My Teo can have it all from me! His hair here is giving me full emo vibes.”

In addition to boasting about her beautiful bambino, Nikki decided to get real about her post-baby body. Wanting to show herself to her followers in the “realest, rawest way possible,” the reality star gave fans a peek of her physique on her Instagram Stories.

“This was really hard to do, but I felt like it was the right thing to do,” Nikki explained, according to E! Online. “I feel like sometimes on social media, and people sometimes in the spotlight, we just truly don’t showcase how hard postpartum can be and the journey of getting your body back.”

‘No crash-diets’ for Nikki Bella

Keeping her promise on keeping it real, Nikki revealed that she is 18 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight. The reality star was forthcoming on treating herself throughout her pregnancy rather than pinning the pounds on current lockdown restrictions.

“I want to blame so bad COVID and being in Arizona with a lot of heat that I didn’t get to workout like I used to,” Nikki said. “But no. I indulged in pizza quite a bit especially towards the end and baked goods. … and my fiancé happens to be a gourmet chef. … I have to take full accountability.”

The former WWE star is committed to staying on a healthy path to lose the postpartum weight rather than using any fad diets or food deprivation.

“I am now on a journey to lose 18 pounds, but in the most healthiest way possible,” she shared. “I’m breastfeeding obviously, and giving my son the most amazing nutrition is No. 1, so there’s going to be no crash-diets, no starving myself.”

Nikki also demonstrated some exercises she’s doing for her wellness regimen. Chances are the new mom will be posting updates of her journey as well as pics of her baby boy!

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