Our Yorkshire Farm fans touched by sweet reaction from Clemmy after lamb death

Our Yorkshire Farm fans were left stunned by the reaction of the young Owen children after there was a sad death on the show this week.

Viewers applauded the reaction from Clemmy Owen in particular as they mentioned how mature she was.

Tuesday's programme covered the farm's busy lambing period and Amanda Owen gave her children a chance to develop their skills by giving them more responsibility on the farm.

Clemmy, Anna and Nancy in particular were keen to learn more on the farm so Amanda just oversaw what the three were up to.

The three of them were searching the farm with their mum for any lost sheep which they hadn't been able to find for a while or needed help.

As Amanda watched the girls get to work she said: "It’s good to give them some sort of responsibility and see them working together."

After this task, the girls then started trying to find a missing lamb.

However the four of them ended up finding the lamb in the river not breathing and unfortunately it had died.

Despite the sad moment, the girls were very mature about the sad news which some fans think is down to growing up on the farm and being educated about the life and death of animals.

When addressing the situation, six-year-old Clemmy said to her siblings: "It's okay, sometimes they have to die."

Fans were moved by the sweet words of Clemmy and took to Twitter to talk about the maturity of the six year old.

One fan said: "A small child on our Yorkshire farm just said “everything has to die even people. Insightful #whycantwetalkaboutit #talkdying."

As another tweeted: "The kids are absolutely brilliant," as a third added: "Just watched the latest episode or OurYorkshireFarm and just have to say I love little Clemie and her words about death. She's so cute. Xx"

A fourth fan took to Twitter to say: "What a beautiful family. Clemmy is so sweet it makes me smile," as another said: "@amandaOwen8 you children are the most joyful, life-affirming, wonderful people. Watching their adventures always makes the day better."

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