Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen leaves fans in tears with tragic news about beloved sheepdog

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen has left fans in tears with tragic news about her beloved sheepdog.

Amanda is best known as the Yorkshire shepherdess on the Channel 5 programme, and almost always has her sheepdog Kate by her side.

But taking to Twitter on Friday – the day Prince Philip died – Amanda shared some sad news of her own.

She wrote: "There’s so much sadness today & I don’t like to add to it, but sadly I must share the news that sheepdog Kate’s pup was stillborn. It just wasn’t to be."

Amanda, who is a mum of nine, added of Kate: "She’s fit and well & when went to go gather she wanted to come, so she did. #sheepdog #yorkshire #outdoors #dogsoftwitter."

Fans of the show were heartbroken by the news, with one writing underneath Amanda's post: "Read this late last night and made me cry, a day full of sadness."

Another tweeted: “Hope Kate is OK, sounds like she's a tough little girl if she wanted to go out to work. I'm sure she's surrounded by lots of love from all the Owen family."

A third added: "So very sorry to hear that Amanda. I know how close the bond can get between a human and a dog – especially when your days are spent working with them. Big hug for Kate and you at this difficult time.”

The next day, Amanda and Kate were back out on the farm again, with the TV star revealing why sheepdogs are so important.

She tweeted: "A shepherd is nothing without a dog.

“Was going to leave Kate at home, didn’t think that she’d want to come gathering. Thank goodness she did!

“Her hearing & senses are a million times better than mine so she can find what I cannot. *Needle in haystack* #sheepdog #devoted."

Our Yorkshire Farm airs on Channel 5.

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