Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen sparks concern as she reveals 'unsafe' state of flooded family home

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owens was left devastated as severe weather brought on a flood that threatened their family home.

In the latest episode, Amanda revealed that several pieces of their farming equipment, which is vital to keep Ravenseat Farm fully functioning, were damaged by a storm.

The mum-of-nine said on the Channel 5 show: "At this time of year, you expect it to be cold, snowy, frozen, icy and you can deal with that.

"But water you just cannot. The ground is absolutely saturated, so the river levels just come up and down so quickly.

"You get extreme weather conditions, that is what happens here."

After suffering a month’s worth of rain in one night, Amanda shared her fears for their home as the flooding appeared to get even worse and water ran toward the river located metres from Ravenseat Farm.

Standing beside the flooding, the Shepherdess, who was preparing for Storm Ciara, added: "What a day. Unbelievable.

"The power in that water. It’s not even safe to be out here really."

The flooding wasn't the family's only concern as her husband Clive and their eldest son Reuben braved 100mph winds as they tried to move their flock of sheep on the moor to a safer spot during the storm.

Alongside keeping the flock safe, the pair also wanted to ensure the sheep had enough food to eat to get through the bad weather.

And just when the family thought it couldn't get worse, mother nature proved it couldn't be beaten as the flood swept their one-tonne trailer away from the yard.

When the bad weather inevitable blew over, Rueben and a nearby farmer named Morris successfully retrieved the trailer out of a ditch.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to watch on Channel 5.

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