Peter Andre admits it’s not his choice if he has another child with wife Emily – saying she loves toddlers

PETER Andre has admitted it’s not his choice if he has another child with wife Emily – and said she loves toddlers.

The 48-year-old popstar opened up about expanding his family with the prospect of having one more baby.

During a YouTube Q&A, the dad-of-four was asked if he plans to have anymore children with Emily.

The Mysterious Girl singer explained:"It's a very good question. Physically I can't…my wife on the other hand.

"I don't know. We say things like, 'Oh wouldn't it be great to have another Theo', because Theo's like four years old and he's running around and he's brilliant and it's a beautiful age.

"But then when we meet up with people who have got a couple of kids and they hand us over the kids and they're screaming, I'm like, 'Hell no!' we actually look at each other and we're like, 'Hell no.'"

I mean, Emily loves the first two years…I like the toddler years, toddler and above, they're cool.

Peter admitted that the pair often go back and fourth on the idea of welcoming another child.

He said: "But then we go back and we're like, 'Oh wouldn't it be good?' I think it's those first two years. I like the toddler years, toddler and above, they're cool. It's those first two years. I mean, Emily loves the first two years, so…"

Peter made it clear that the decision would be down to Emily – saying that it's "not my choice".

He continued: "I think we're pretty much done. But the way I think about it, it's not up to me anyway. Since when is it my choice? Think about it. You might say, 'Well it is your choice'. No, it ain't my choice."

Peter and Emily share daughter Amelia, seven, and four-year-old Theo.

He also shares Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, with former model Katie Price.


The star also also admitted that he wouldn’t encourage his kids to have cosmetic surgery – just weeks after his ex Katie Price underwent a full body and face overhaul.

He appeared to take a pop at Katie as he said “small tweaks” were OK as he discussed how he would feel about the kids wanting to go under the knife.

Pete was asked: “Would you stop your kids having plastic surgery?”

The dad-of-four replied:  “The reason this is an interesting question is because I have always been under the belief that when you get to 18 you can obviously start making your own decisions, but us as parents always want to guide.”

He went on to say that he thought surgery was OK if someone really struggled with an aspect of their appearance.

The singer, who has had Botox in the past, added:  “Obviously I wouldn’t encourage it to my kids at all but if they came to me and said look dad this is how I feel and they are a lot older, obviously they can make their choice but I can guide them.

“I have always believed that small subtle changes over time, because as we get older, are nice. But with my kids I wouldn’t be like ‘go and do this, go and do that.'"

Peter’s comments come just weeks after Katie, 43, underwent full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, and fat injected into her bum.

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