Phillip Schofield fixes Spin To Win to give disabled child Alfie £3000 for a new mobility buggy

PHILLIP Schofield fixed Spin To Win today – to give a disabled child enough money for a new mobility buggy.

Alfie from Cambridgeshire appeared on This Morning alongside his mum Hannah today and revealed he loves the game so much he's made his own Spin to Win wheel to play along with at home.

Alfie's mum revealed he's grown out of his mobility buggy and needs a new one for "getting out and about" but "they're very expensive".

"How much are they?" Phillp asked.

"They range from about £2,000 up to about £3,500," Hannah said.

Phil spun the wheel and it miraculously landed on the £3,000 prize.

"It's a jackpot Alfie!" Holly Willoughby cheered.

"You've just won £3,000 so hopefully you can put that towards some new wheels."

This Morning viewers rushed to Twitter to praise Phil for his kindness.

"Omg crying at Alfie on #ThisMorning what a wonderful thing to do for him," one viewer tweeted.

"Trying not to sob at the kindness of #ThisMorning for Alfie’s spin to win #imnotcryingyouare," another added.

"Can everyone stop being so horrible saying it’s a fix. They’ve done such a lovely thing for Alfie and his family!" a third wrote.

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