Queen of the South season 5 theories: James to suffer Teresa heartbreak – here’s why

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Teresa Mendoza and James Valdez could be doomed from the start despite their whirlwind reconnection at the end of Queen of the South’s fourth season. Although a romance is almost certainly on the cards when the series finally returns on the USA Network and Netflix, fans are convinced the queenpin is still mourning the loss of her first love, Guero.

Fan theories have suggested James Valdez (played by Peter Gadiot) will suffer a crushing heartbreak in the upcoming fifth season of Queen of the South.

The release of the new instalment remains unclear amid coronavirus delays, leaving fans anxiously awaiting the reunion between James and Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga).

Following their brief romance and James’s subsequent departure in season three, the former sicario made his explosive return in 2019’s dramatic season finale.

Many are convinced it’s inevitable that sparks will fly once again in season five, but other viewers aren’t so sure.

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In later instalments, Teresa has been reluctant to embark on any more romance following the tragic loss of her boyfriend, Guero Davilas (Jon-Michael Ecker).

Although James confessed his feelings for her in season three, the powerful drug mogul is still somewhat traumatised by Guero dying in her arms after being pursued by the Vargas cartel.

Some Queen of the South enthusiasts are still adamant the pair will end the series together, though there’s every chance the show will end with its fifth season, which doesn’t give Teresa and James much time any love they might have had for one another.

As the long wait for season five continues, fans recently took to Reddit to discuss the slim chances of getting serious when the show returns.

User PrivateSpeaker asked: “Does Teresa love James? I think she doesn’t.”

Though there’s a strong possibility the two will hook up again next season, this fan maintains their potential relationship is unlikely to ever get serious.

The perceptive viewer pointed out Teresa’s constant thoughts of Guero throughout season three as evidence she still hasn’t got over the death of her first serious love interest in the series.

They continued: “I think she gave her heart away to Guero a long time ago, and that’s why she is constantly hallucinating him throughout season 3.”

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“She is grieving him the way you grieve the love of your life. Was he perfect and deserving of her love? Probably, not. 

“But that’s the thing about love. It doesn’t listen to reason. It’s all heart.”

Teresa’s actions in the latest instalments certainly suggest she’s still mourning the sudden loss of Guero.

James, on the other hand, is still clearly in love with Teresa and could be in serious danger of hurting himself emotionally if he’s unable to accept the likely fact she doesn’t feel the same.

Another fan explained: “As much as I love the idea of those two characters together, I agree that one is definitely more in love than the other. 

“I think season 3 proved that. It’s why her and James were constantly at each other’s throat in Phoenix.”

So, while season five might get hot under the collar when Teresa and James reconnect after all this time, most agree Queen of the South fans shouldn’t expect their fling to last.

Queen of the South season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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