Ramona Singer Reveals Her Abusive Father Left Her Nothing in His Will: 'I Cried Hysterically'

Ramona Singer got real about her tumultuous childhood on Wednesday’s Real Housewives of New York City. 

In a candid conversation with her costars Bethenny Frankel and Dorinda Medley, the Ageless by Ramona founder, 62, opened up about her late father — whom she said “was very abusive to my mother.”

“It was really a horrible situation,” Singer recalled. “It was like a war zone. I didn’t know what I was coming home to. Dishes flying, screaming, yelling. We’d hide under the covers as kids. … His mother beat the s— out of him. He was abused as a child, so he was abusive to my mother.”

“My family life on the outside looked very normal. But there’s a lot of darkness going on in the inside,” Singer added. “I had no love from my father. No love, zero love. He ignored me.”

Memories for Singer were triggered by a visit to de Lesseps’ new home in upstate New York. Though the Countess lives in Kingston, the women were going out to dinner in Rhinebeck, Singer’s hometown.

“This is the town that I grew up in. My home is only five miles from here,” Singer said. “I don’t even remember the last time I came up here. … Yes, there’s some good memories. But there’s a lot of bad. … Everything is rushing back.”

The group was dining at the Beekman Arms and Delamater Inn, where Singer and her three siblings used to have dinner with their parents. “Oh my God, this is so weird. I am freaking out. I would have dinner here every year with my family. They only have one table for six, this was it,” Singer said. “This is so many memories.”

Across the street was Terrapin Restaurant, where Singer had another memory.

“That’s where I hosted my mother’s funeral lunch,” Singer pointed out, later taking Frankel and Medley there for a drink. “This was my mother’s favorite restaurant. My mother loved this restaurant and when she died, I wanted to have a lunch for her. And my father didn’t want to pay for s—. And he had money! … I paid for it and my father pretended he paid for it.”

Singer’s mother, Veronika Mazur, died in 2007. After that, she remained mostly estranged from her father, Bohdan Mazur, only reconciling with him two weeks before his death in 2009.

She missed her father’s funeral because her brother, also named Bohdan Mazur, decided to cremate her father “against his will.”

“My father was an alter boy and that shook me to the core,” Singer said. “I cried hysterically. My brother wanted to save the money because he was inheriting all the money because he had no money. I would have paid for it. It’s devastating.”

When it came time to read her father’s will, Singer was completely cut out from it.

“Really, it hurt me when I read the will,” Singer said, choking back tears. “It actually said — I cry — it said, ‘And to my daughter, Ramona Mazur Singer, I bequeath nothing.’ And I just got hysterical.”

“When I read that I was on my knees. I was broken. I was already upset that he died, we had reconciled. And then to see that in writing? I fell to my knees in tears,” Singer said. “My father left all of his money to my sister and my brother. And then the house was left to both of them.”

Her brother eventually died, passing away in 2018. “He’s dead,” Singer explained. “He hit a tree with his truck and had some type of heart attack.”

Medley praised Singer for opening up so deeply. “You’ve really gone through so much Ramona, you don’t talk about it,” Medley said, adding to audiences: “I didn’t realize that Ramona has abuse. She’s spoke about it more in times when she uses it as an excuse. I knew that but it’s never been presented this way.”

Frankel agreed. “This is the first time Ramona has ever discussed her past, women to women, what she’s been through, in and of itself,” the Skinnygirl founder said. “It’s nice to hear Ramona’s past not used as some sort of excuse for present behavior.”

Of course, as RHONY viewers know, Frankel had a similarly tough upbringing.

In previous episodes of the Bravo show, she’s opened up about the tough relationship she’s had with her late father, who died in 2009, and her estranged mother. She repeated some of those stories to Singer.

Those words allowed Singer to bond closer with Frankel. “The thing is Bethenny and I have been through something very similar. The average person wouldn’t understand what we went through at all. Makes me want to cry,” Singer said. “Bethenny and I do have this connection of how we grew up. It hurts us to open up and and all of a sudden Bethenny’s barriers are down so she’s more approachable. And this just seems like so much more real and so much of a stronger connection.”

Frankel saw it too. “I realize as we’re all sitting here, we’re all single mothers of only daughters. Ramona and I just trying not to make the same mistakes our own mothers made,” she said. “We are the product of our parents’ unresolved issues and we get to be the mothers we want to be. I think I broke the chain. We both broke the chain.”

The sentiment was touching to Singer. “We’re more alike than you think,” Singer said. “You’re a beautiful person. You really are.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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