RHONJ fans think Margaret Josephs looks unrecognizable after facelift, boob job & veneers in plastic surgery makeover

REAL Housewives of New Jersey fans think Margaret Josephs looks unrecognizable after a facelift, boob job, and veneers in plastic surgery makeover.

Margaret, like Dolores Catania, took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and enforced lockdown to work on her appereance.

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This season, fans got to see the housewives make a comeback after several months of being locked in their homes due to the pandemic.

But coming out of the pandemic was almost like a rebirth for Margaret, 54, who came out looking like a brand new person.

Back in July 2020, the recently published author shared before and after images following a face lift revision.

She also admitted to getting breast surgery and veneers added to her list of surgeries.

However, fans still continue to be shocked about how different she looks from her previous self in past seasons.

The comments range from negative to positive, like always.

Many raved that she looked unrecognizable, with one fan saying: "Wait, who?! Margaret?! Damn. When there's smoke, there's fire!"

A second one chimed in, writing: "I honestly didn't know it was you until you opened your mouth, you look amazing toots."

And a third commented: "Margaret looks well, but almost unrecognizable."

Sadly, not all comments were positive as some begged her to stop getting surgery done.

One person wrote: "Please, please, please – don't do anything else to your face!"

A second one expressed: "Jesus! Enough with the plastic surgery already!"

And a third asked: "Wtf are you doing to your face?"

Last year, the reality star opened up on Instagram and revealed: "I had this facelift revision after [Season 10] for reunion."

Margaret explained she had lifted eyelids, her cheeks, and even "revised" her neckline and jawline.

Her co-stars Teresa Giudice, Dolores Catania, and Jennifer Aydin have all also been quite open about their surgeries.

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