Richard Madeley and Kate step in after John Simpson swears ‘Apologise for anyone offended

GMB: Richard apologises as John Simpson swears live on air

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Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway had to apologise on behalf of John Simpson during Friday’s edition of Good Morning Britain. It came as the journalist and author appeared to discuss his new book but swore live on air. 

It wasn’t me in China, of course, but it was me in Beirut,” John explained. 

“I was made to kneel down and the guy stuck a gun in the back of my neck and pulled the trigger and, you know, I thought my last moment had come and then everybody laughed.

“And I got up and brushed off my knees and I thought I’ve got to reassert myself here, so I said to the guy who’d fired the gun, ‘Do you know what, you’re a real w****r.’” 

John realised his error and covered put his hand to his mouth and muttered: “Oh, sorry, my…” 

“You’re so in trouble now for saying that on breakfast television!” Kate joked. “We won’t give you a mock execution, it’s okay John, you’re okay.” 

“I think people will fully understand what you’re talking about something a few years on,” Richard added. 

“But we apologise if you’re offended by that,” Kate said in the background. 

“Obviously we apologise for anyone offended,” Richard reiterated. “You were talking about something utterly fundamental.” 


Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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