Robert is horrified by Victoria's baby decision after Emmerdale rape horror

Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) has been struggling to cope with the violent events she endured after inviting Lee into her home and being raped by him. Since discovering she is carrying his baby, Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) has been determined to support his sister however he can, but her decision about the pregnancy is set to leave him stunned.

Seeing Victoria go through morning sickness, Robert and Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) begin to feel the reality of what’s happened to her. But they are stunned when Victoria says she wants to keep the baby. Robert doesn’t take the news well, struggling to believe this is the right choice for her.

Later, at the cafe, Diane tries to give Victoria hope that Robert might come around, but when he runs into her, he can’t say that he will support her decision. It’s clear he is conflicted, though, as he’s distressed to see her so hurt.

Victoria Barton actress Isabel Hodgins told ‘[Robert is] trying his best, but he’s making mistakes. He just wants to be there for her, but he puts pressure on her which she doesn’t need. He wants to help, but he just keeps making it worse with what he’s saying.’

The pregnancy has led to conflicting emotions for Victoria, as she has wanted a baby for so long. Isabel continued: ‘She’s very much single, I think if all you want is to be a mum, as soon as [the test] says ‘pregnant’, something would kick in and you’d be like “That’s my baby.”

‘Maybe she’s thinking “When am I going to get another chance?” I think she doesn’t want to admit it to herself, but as soon as she sees “pregnant”, she knows what she’s going to do.’

But can Robert ever come round to the idea and support his sister’s difficult decision?

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