Rylan Clark-Neal's seven-week disappearance sparks concern from fans

RYLAN Clark-Neal's seven-week disappearance from his shows has sparked concern from his fans.

The 32-year-old has been off the airwaves since May, after he suddenly pulled out of Eurovision hosting duties with sickness.

Rylan's fans are desperate to know if he's ok after his absence from social media and his radio show.

The star's last appearance on his Saturday afternoon Radio 2 show was on May 8, but station bosses could not confirm when he'd be back.

They flocked to Twitter to air their concerns.

One wrote: "Where's @Rylan gone? I miss him from my radio! Hope he's ok."

Another said: "Loving @OtiMabuse on @BBCRadio2 this avo but where’[email protected] ? It’s been a while now – hoping all ok. We miss u man #WheresRylan."

A third chimed in: "So glad #firsttimemum is back but where’[email protected] it’s just not the same."

Rylan also sparked concerns when he pulled out of hosting the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 18.

It was confirmed that Rylan,who shot to fame on The X Factor in 2012, would be missing from the latest series of Celebrity Gogglebox due to the health of his mother Linda.

The pair had appeared together on the Channel 4 show last year and proved particularly popular with audience members.

His mum Linda, 68, has battled with Crohn's since her 30s – a condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system, andRylan said that is why they had to pull out.

Rylan was also said to be left 'distraught' following the death of his close friend Nikki Grahame.

The tragic Big Brother contestant died in April following a long battle with anorexia.

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