Scott Foley Reveals All the Unspoken Truths He Wants to Share with His Dad on Father's Day

Scott Foley opened up to fans in a moving Father’s Day post, revealing all the things he wants to share with his dad — but won’t.

“My dad isn’t on social media but if he was…I’d tell him how proud I am to be his son,” began the Whiskey Cavalier actor’s tribute to his dad, Hugh Foley, which included a selfie of the duo. “How the lessons that he instilled in me have made me the husband, father and man that I am today. How I so regret those adolescent and young adult years when I was an insufferable ass and we lost contact.”

He went on to describe the valuable lessons he learned from his father and the importance of prioritizing family.

“I learned from his actions that regardless of your education or station in life, you do whatever you have to to take care of and support your family,” wrote Foley, who shares three children — daughter Malina, 9, and sons Konrad, 4, and Keller, 7 — with wife Marika Domińczyk, 38.

“I’d tell him how lucky I was to grow up in a family that not only told me I was loved but that through their actions, made me feel loved,” Foley continued. “I’d tell him that my kids not only hear me tell them I love them numerous times each day but hopefully, through what I learned from him, feel that love through my actions.”


Earlier this year, Foley opened up for the first time about his mother Connie’s death from ovarian cancer when he was just 15, and how it profoundly impacted him growing up.

The Scandal alum wrote in his post on Sunday, “If my dad was on social media, I’d tell him how much I wished I could have helped him more when his wife, my mom, died, leaving him to take care of three young boys and how now, looking back, I should’ve focused on him and my younger brothers instead of pushing it all away. If he were on social media, he’d see this post and know all of these things. But he’s not.”

Foley went on to explain that he would call his father later to wish him a “happy Father’s Day” and omit all the hard points he wanted to make.

“We’ll talk about the weather and how he’s doing since the death of his third wife,” Foley explained. “I’ll tell him that we really miss being in Prague and he’ll say that he’s sorry that he couldn’t make it over to see us. He’ll rush me off of the phone like he always does with a little lie about having something that he needs to get to, but we’ll end the call by exchanging ‘love you’ and ‘talk to you soon.’”

Foley concluded: “I won’t mention any of the things in this post because time heals so much, because we’re guys (don’t kid yourself, that is an excuse) and because that’s how it works for us. But I think he knows.”

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“I didn’t know what the hell that was,” Foley told PEOPLE in March of learning about his mother’s diagnosis at the age of 11. “She went through chemotherapy and radiation, and [the doctors] thought they got it all — then it came back. It was a brutal process.”

After a long fight and multiple attempts at different treatment plans, Connie died when she was 42, leaving behind Foley and his two younger brothers.

“It was the defining moment of my life,” he says. “And her death has played a role in everything I do. It’s been as beneficial to me as it was detrimental.”

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