Scotty Bowers Dies: Famed Hollywood Hustler Was 96

Scotty Bowers, whose 2012 memoir Full Service gave an insight into the secretive sex lives of high-profile movie stars during the Golden Age of Hollywood, has died at the age of 96.

Bowers, whose Twitter account confirmed his passing, died of natural causes at his home in Laurel Canyon, California, on Sunday (October 13).

Bowers’ colorful life saw him work as a marine and gas station attendant before meeting the Oscar-nominated actor Walter Pidgeon, who paved the way for the young Bowers to become a sexual companion and facilitator to many of the era’s biggest stars. In Full Service, he claimed to have had relationships with the likes of Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Spencer Tracy, Charles Laughton, Cole Porter, and Laurence Olivier.

He also claimed in the rip-roaring book to have slept with female stars including Bette Davis and Lana Turner, and arranged female companionship for Katharine Hepburn, who he said was gay but got married to Spencer Tracy to cover up the fact. Many have noted that Bowers’ accounts, while hardly beyond the realms of possibility, are largely difficult to verify.

Bowers was the subject of Matt Tyrnauer’s 2017 Toronto documentary Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood, which saw the director speak to his subject over the course of two years. “He’s the most notorious gay hustler in the history of Hollywood,” said Tyrnauer in an interview with Deadline earlier this year.

Bowers’ wife, the cabaret singer Lois Broad whom he married in 1984, died in 2018.

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