Sharon Osbourne reveals GRUESOME surgery plans amid bum implant joke

Former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne is no stranger to surgery, having joked about being on her “third face” in the past.

And today she sat down on the Loose Women panel as a very special guest and opened up about plans for more cosmetic work.

As the other panelists – Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore – protested her desire for more procedures, Sharon had a laugh.

She said: “It’s like servicing a car. You can’t keep doing it and doing it and not going for a little, you know…”

The 66-year-old explained: “I’ve got these lines here [around her mouth]. I just need it.

“They do this new operation now where they cut up here [lip].

“As you get older, have you found, ladies, your lip seems to drop and it’s a longer space between your nose and your lip?

“I’m going to have one of those bums fitted!”

Sharon Osbourne

“I’ve got this long gap. What they do is, they cut you here [lip] and lift you up.”

But that wasn’t all, as she quickly added: “And I’m going to have one of those bums fitted!”

Without a second passing though, she made it clear she was joking, continuing: “I’m not, I’m not. One of those big pear-shaped bums!”

Jane had started the conversation by revealing that Sharon had turned up to the studios without a scrap of makeup.

She said she’d been blown away by how great Sharon looked without it, adding the other Loose Women didn’t.

Elsewhere on the episode, Sharon opened up about her life as a grandma and said she loves to treat son Jack’s three kids.

Loose Women continues weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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