Simon Cowell’s ‘sour-mood’ on BGT as fans notice ‘tension’ with David Walliams

Simon Cowell stunned viewers on Thursday night's Britain's Got Talent semi-final when he stormed off the stage midway through an act's performance.

And his refusal to take part in ventriloquist Jimmy's routine was by no means the end of Simon's sour-mood.

Viewers also noticed him bickering his way through the show with co-judge David Walliams .

The two exchanged numerous sour exchanges throughout the night with leading some fans asking if there was genuine tension between the pair and even called the scenes 'uncomfortable to watch.'

At one point David even playfully slapped Simon as he chocked on some water.

Immediately afterwards one viewer asked: "Anybody notice the atmosphere between David and Simon this series! Have they had a fall out or what cause it's a little uncomfortable to watch?"

Another added: "Are David and Simon OK? There’s banter I know but they genuinely look p***** with each other all show. Didn’t clock it till it was mentioned earlier. But the more you watch then argue the more you think.. that’s not banter now."

Although another fan of the duo was certain it was just 'banter,' claiming: "Simon and David's friendship honestly makes this show better."

Body language expert Judi James gives her take on the alleged tension.

"The banter between Simon and David is a regular feature of BGT and it’s always appeared to be very panto but tonight it erupted into something much less camera-friendly, with Simon even storming off stage while acting as the stooge alongside David in ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley’s act.

"There had already been some rough and tumble between the judges, with Simon and David appearing to snipe at one another across the girls before Simon started rattling on randomly about cloning his dogs. Dec even called Simon ‘grumpy-knickers’ at one point but their body language signals were incongruent enough to suggest this was still all part of the act.

"Later Simon appeared to be choking on his water while trying to speak. This made him giggle helplessly but it was also a cue for David to walk across and mock-slap him round the face a few times. It was apparently intended as play-fighting but it might have been rougher than Simon was expecting because his facial expression suggested he was less than pleased with the playful ‘attack’.

"Simon’s mood got worse when he got hauled up on stage to take part in the ventriloquist act alongside David. They both had mouth masks placed over their faces but it was clear from Simon’s eye expression and his sweaty top lip that he wasn’t having fun at this point.

"Asked to get up and do a can-can he refused point blank, pushing David to do it instead, but when Jimmy pushed him further he stormed off stage, ripping his mask off as he went.

"This could have been the sort of ‘moment’ that had been choreographed for fun but when Simon didn’t reappear dressed in a tutu to extend the joke it became obvious his quitting had been for real. Jimmy didn’t know how to finish his act and it was only when Simon reluctantly returned that Jimmy managed to get Simon and David in a crate together for his finale.

"It was clear by now that Simon was genuinely suffering and by the time the crate was re-opened he looked almost as though he might pass out. His body lad slumped and his eyes were rolling. Amanda studied him with a look of genuine concern when he got back to his seat and the tension was made obvious by Ant and Dec’s self-protective fig leaf poses complete with naughty schoolboy nervous giggles."

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