Sister Wives Robyn throws future with Kody into doubt after dealbreaker

Kody Brown appears to let slip Sister Wives spoiler

The Sister Wives show initially started in 2010, following the polygamist relationships in the Brown family with patriarch Kody at the centre along with his four wives. 

Now, the 54-year-old’s first three wives, Christine, Janelle and Meri, have all left him in the span of just two years as his relationship with his fourth wife Robyn is the only remaining romance for the salesman. 

However, Robyn hinted at some disturbances in their marriage, revealing Kody’s treatment of Meri in recent episodes of the show has become relationship-ending behaviour for her.

Speaking in a confessional, the TLC star, who has often been accused by the fanbase of stealing Kody’s attention away from the other wives, shared: “It’s like Meri’s here and she’s still trying to hang on.

“I just feel like there’s just so little left and I’m like trying to show her that there’s still some hope and Kody is not helping me with that. 

“It’s very frustrating and some days it feels like a dealbreaker.”

The disappointing realisation came after Meri correctly predicted Kody’s reaction to her plans for a future without a romance with Kody as she hopes to move her clothing business to Utah and downsize her Arizona home, where Kody and Robyn currently live. 

Kody simply responded: “Cool. That’s good, right?”

In another confessional, Robyn seemed almost on the brink of tears as she shared her thoughts of mentally pleading with Kody: “I’m like, ‘Please say the right thing. Please, please give her something to hang on to.’”

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Meri highlighted that she still has hope their plural marriage can work, but in Kody’s own confessional he claimed the “writing is on the wall” and that continuing their relationship is “not really fair to either of us”. 

He added: “As long as she wants to live in this denial, I guess I can live in it with her.”

The father-of-18 also addressed the growing tension between him and his last remaining wife, saying that Robyn’s attempts to give Meri hope and advocating for her to stay have made him “very uncomfortable”. 

However, Kody admitted: “I’ve got one wife that I’ve got a great relationship with and I’m afraid if I abandon these women that she’ll lose respect for me.”

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