South Park superfan unveils huge Randy Marsh shrine worth thousands

A Michigan woman has garnered tens of thousands of eager followers online after revealing her obsession with South Park character Randy Marsh, and the shrine she has dedicated to him.

Norah, 20, shared her hyperfixation online started in early 2022 – and she has since collected countless unique items with the character’s image and sayings incorporated into them.

From cardboard cutouts to bodypillows and decorated hand mirrors, the self-confessed superfan has reportedly spent more than $6,200 on her extensive shrine, including multiple plushies of Randy that cost roughly between $80 and $230 each.

The 20-year-old, who has autism, has garnered over 95,000 followers on TikTok by sharing her bedroom’s mural, as well as updates on it, over the just a few months.

As fans got more curious about her obsession, Norah shared a short clip of answers to her most frequently asked questions and revealed that while her fixation on the character started in January 2022, she didn’t start building the shrine until July.

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@tokitaffy once again heres an update to the shrine of my beautiful amazing husband randy marsh. remember norandy is canon forever and always

She also explained that she has “no control” over what she hyper-fixates on and can’t quite explain what caused the sudden peak in her obsession with Randy as she had been “attached to him” since she first saw the show. 

The Michigan resident wrote: “He just brings me so much happiness and is always on my mind nonstop. I could be having the worst day but just remembering that his character exists makes me feel like maybe things aren’t that bad.”

Norah revealed that she had started the shrine as a way to cope with her anxiety and depression and said that, to her, Randy “feels extremely autistic coded”. 

The walls of her bedroom are now plastered with a collage of Randy with different facial expressions, costumes and locations throughout the show’s 26 seasons. 

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@tokitaffy #southpark#randymarsh#collection#randymarshshrine ♬ Mamma Mia (feat. Amber Van Day) [Extended Mix] – HUGEL

The shrine is also surrounded by blue and white flowers and battery-operated candles. 

Norah has also made a number of items herself, like different versions of Randy immortalized in Perler bead artworks. 

She has endured a fair share of speculation and criticism over the shrine online, with some TikTok users declaring her obsession “weird” and saying she “needs help” in the comments.

However, the 20-year-old also has a growing number of supporters who are in awe of Norah’s remarkable dedication while others declare they are “jealous” of certain items with some even noting she’s inspired them to create shrines of their own to their favorite fictional characters. 

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