Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis dresses up as Batman villain after she attacks ‘family court system’ in custody fight

KATHRYN Dennis dressed up as Poison Ivy after slamming the "family court system" in her custody battle.

The Southern Charm star recently admitted to having "ups and downs" in life as she celebrated turning 30.

Kathryn channeled Batman villain Poison Ivy in a new look on Saturday night as she enjoyed an evening out on the town in Charleston, South Carolina with her boyfriend Chleb Ravenell.

The reality star looked glamorous in a black Versace sports bra and matching shiny bicycle shorts topped with a green, blue, and yellow blazer.

The TV personality paired her look with a bright orange bag, black strappy sandals, and her hair tied up in space buns.

Kathryn captioned her post: "The look is Uma Thurman, Batman & Robin 1997 😜 'If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the jungle.' -Poisin Ivy 🌿 #bet," as she embodied the famed villain.

The Bravo star has been knee-deep in a nasty custody battle with her ex Thomas Ravenel over her two children Kensington, six, and Saint, four.

In honor of her 30th birthday last week, the mother of two confessed that she was actually grateful for the "ups and downs" and "painful burns" of the past decade.

Alongside a smiling photo of herself in a pink flowy dress, she wrote: "Ringing in 30 today. I’m so grateful for all that I went through in my 20’s because of the wisdom it gave me and my two babies it brought me.

"The ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns and painful burns. Thankful for them all. Here’s to the attitude that this is finally my decade—the moment I take all that I know now and embrace all that I don’t. TBH It finally feels like life is in my hands; I know myself so much better so I can make my 30’s what I really want deep down.

"I’ve got to say thank you for all the love the past 10 years. You’ve all been a huge part of my life since I was 21 and you got me through the hardest times Can’t wait to see what life brings next & 30, LFG."

Earlier this month, Kathryn slammed the "family court system" as "exhausting" after her ex won full custody of their two small children.

The South Carolina native lost her rights after her ex accused her of drug abuse and neglect.

"It is exhausting to constantly defend yourself from someone who is trying to change reality – it can even make you question what you know happened, or what is true," she began.

"It can be exhausting to live two lives: one for your children and for the world (everything is fine), and the other where you are beaten down by the family court system.

"We see you and we stand with you. You are not alone," the note finished.

Earlier in 2021, The Sun revealed that Kathryn has been allowed supervised visitation every other weekend. 

The controversial parent previously lost full custody of the children in 2016 and entered rehab after she tested positive for marijuana. 

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