Spoilers: Brutal Emmerdale scenes as Nicola is attacked by a gang

A night out ended in horror for Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) in tonight’s Emmerdale, as she was accosted in a deserted car park by a gang of girls, brutally beaten and left unconscious.

The violence happened after Nicola, Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and Bernice (Samantha Giles) had gone for a night out to try to help heal the rift between Nicola and Bernice.

While Bernice and Laurel enjoyed playing pool and flirting with some men in the bar – with Laurel in particular getting on very well with a man called Neil – Nicola left to go and get her keys from her car.

As she walked across the car park she came across two drunk girls. They made some remarks about Nicola: ‘What are you looking at, Nanna?’ and she snapped back, ‘A little girl who should be in school.’ But suddenly Nicola realised that there was a larger group of girls and the situation soon turned nasty.

One of the girls grabbed her bag, going through the contents and tearing up a photo of her kids and flinging her phone away across the car park. And when Nicola went to get it, she was physically attacked, pushed to the ground and kicked in scenes that were violent and scary.

At the end of the attack she lay bloodied and bruised on the ground. One of the girls stood over her and Nicola cowered, expecting another kick. Instead, the girl whispered, ‘Sorry.’

Nicola was left on her own, her head sinking to the ground as she lost consciousness.

Will Bernice and Laurel find her in time? And will we be hearing again from the girl who said sorry?

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