Spoilers: Sam horrified as furious Will attacks him in Emmerdale

Will Taylor (Dean Andres) discovers his watch is missing in upcoming Emmerdale episodes – and proceeds to accuse Sam Dingle (James Hooton) of stealing it.

Sam of course denies the theft, and the two men are soon arguing. Things start to get heated between them and almost come to blows as Will’s aggression gets the better of him.

Caleb (William Ash) sees what’s going on and steps in, warning Will and getting between them to stop Will from attacking Sam. Sam is left shaken by Will’s accusations and his temper, and he’s grateful that Caleb stepped in when he did.

After Nicky (Lewis Cope) reveals that baby Thomas was the actual watch thief, Kim (Claire King) knows she has to make amends with Sam and Lydia (Karen Blick) who’ve both lost their jobs in the aftermath of the controversy.

Will, however, is not pleased to learn that Kim has given Sam and his wife their jobs back and feels that she’s been disloyal to him. He’s even more annoyed when he realises that Kim plans to go into business with Caleb.

There’s something about the way Caleb intervened with Sam and his confidence in business that rubs Will up the wrong way. Could he be jealous?

He decides he needs to assert his position as Kim’s husband and put Caleb in his place. Will it work?

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