Stassi Schroeder Confirms She's 'Taking a Break' from Kristen Doute, Thinks These Costars Could Have Bad Season 8

“I have to take care of my own mental and emotional health first,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star explains of the fallout.

Stassi Schroeder tried valiantly to remain tight-lipped, but when unofficial Bravo ambassador Danny Pellegrino stopped by her "Straight Up with Stassi" podcast last week, all bets were off — and Danny asked all the right questions.

Grilling the "Vanderpump Rules" star about the topics on everyone’s minds — including her alleged fallout with once-bestie Kristen Doute — the pop culture guru got the self-proclaimed "basic bitch" to confirm the rumored feud.

"What’s going on with Kristen this season?" Danny blurted out unapologetically. As eagle-eye fans were quick to notice, Kristen was not present for Stassi’s engagement party and has been MIA from her social media for some time.

"You little shit," Schroeder replied with a sigh. "Obviously you know I can’t f–king say anything, but obviously everyone’s instincts are right with [Kristen being on the outs] with just some of us. Not all of us!"

"You and Katie [Maloney]?" Danny, asked, naming the third "Witch of WeHo." Stassi laughed nervously, before cautiously confirming Kristen was indeed missing from her engagement party. Pellegrino kept pressing for more answers, but Schroeder wouldn’t give in. "I don’t wanna get fired from Bravo!" she said.

One thing she could say about Doute is that she’s still a full-time castmember, which Danny could’ve guessed. Noting that the group recently filmed the show’s opening titles, he wondered, "Was it awkward?"

"Uh, yes. It was," Stassi said, again with a nervous laugh. "Yes. Opening titles is always awkward ’cause you’re feuding with someone. There’s always somebody that you’re like, ‘Ugh! My God, that person’s here.’"

While she didn’t explain what caused the rift, Stassi didn’t necessarily say she was totally in the right. In fact, she isn’t sure how it’ll all come across to viewers come Season 8.

"I don’t know! Because I’ve sat there, and I’m like, ‘Am I gonna look like the asshole in this situation, or is she?’" she wondered. "I have no idea. I’m prepared to look like the asshole, but whatever it is, I’m like, listen, I have to take care of my own mental and emotional health first, and if taking a break from someone is a bitch move and makes me nasty, then like, I don’t give a f–k."

"It doesn’t mean I don’t care about her. I absolutely do," she quickly added. "It’s just, sometimes, you just can’t be in the same room as someone without wanting to kill them. So there’s that."

Okay, so we know some you-know-what goes down with Kristen, but who really had a "bad season"?

"This season’s kind of confusing because it’s different," Stassi explained. "We have some new people around. Typically, I’d be like, ‘Oh, James [Kennedy] is gonna get a bad season,’ but I didn’t really have to film with him once. They didn’t force us to be in situations with people that I wouldn’t, like, why the f–k would I ever be around James? So I wasn’t."

When Danny asked how the new people fit in with the OGs, Stassi explained, "They actually work at SUR, so they were people to bridge that gap. And the ones that I do like, I’m like, ‘F–k yeah, I’ll go and hang out with that person.’ So then it kind of made sense."

"No," Schroeder said when asked if the newbies got into fights with the veterans, "which was so boring. I was waiting for it. I was like, ‘Come at me! Come at me, bitch! Come at me!’ They just fought with each other. I’m like, ‘Come on! This is like not that fun. Fight with us.’"

Pellegrino tried asking if rumors there were three new main cast members were true, but Schroeder said she couldn’t confirm. There have also been reports that a girl named Dana gets into it with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

"Everything I read about that shit is like, actual shit," Stassi revealed about the rumored feud. "Unless there were some things I missed, I don’t remember [that]."

She paused and added, "I feel like, you know what, Jax might have a tough season. I think he might." Even though Jax and Brittany’s gorgeous wedding will take over Season 8, Stassi said that "sometimes makes you have a bad season."

Despite what people think, the bubbly blonde explained that producers don’t necessarily try to make people look good simply because it may be their wedding season. "Think back to Katie and Tom [Schwartz]’s wedding season: They looked like monsters!" she said, adding that she feels Katie is "due" for a good season.

"I told the producers — I joke to Katie about this all the time — ‘I will take one for the team so that Katie finally gets a good edit ’cause this isn’t far,’" she told Danny. "I have multiple people coming up to me being like, ‘Stassi, I think you seem like a real person and really cool, so I don’t understand why Katie’s your best friend.’ And I just think it’s so unfair. She just doesn’t translate well! She means well, she’s smart, what she says makes sense, but like her delivery or something is just, [it gets lost in translation]. I’m like, ‘You need to start using more emojis.’"

"People need to f–king lean back. They need to calm the f–k down. I just really hope Katie…" Stassi said, stopping to take a moment before changing her mind. "…she’s not. She’s probably gonna have a shitty season, too. I think it gets to her, but the more the years go by where it just doesn’t happen for her, she’s just accepting it."

Pellegrino wondered why the guys on the show — particularly Schwartz — are always portrayed as "lovable" "puppy dogs."

"F–k them!" Schroeder interrupted. "She can’t compare! That’s impossible. Like, it’s impossible."

"[Schwartz] can cheat on Katie, he can literally make out with someone, and everyone forgets it. ‘It’s a one-time thing,’" she said. "Katie says ‘Your dick doesn’t work’ once, and it’s like, ‘Ohhh my God!’ She’s great at being mean, but sometimes, people deserve that."

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