Steph McGovern and Chris Kamara break down in tears as they discuss racism on her Channel 4 show

EMOTIONAL Chris Kamara moved Steph McGovern to tears on her Channel 4 show today as he opened up on his battle against racism.

The pair both broke down in tears as the former footballer discussed his experience of growing up in Middlesbrough to mark the start of Black History Month.

Chris' words later brought Steph to tears, forcing the show to cut to a break.

Speaking on Steph’s Packed Lunch, Kammy, 62, said: "Growing up in Middlesbrough for me and my family was so hard. People talk about how difficult it is in these days.

"They just don’t realise, when you’re the only Black family on your estate, the only Black people in your town and Middlesbrough is a big town, how devastating that effect that had on my dad.

"It did on our future as well, he was trying to protect us much as possible, but it was really difficult for him and people of his ilk."

The Sky pundit later added: "When I first started playing football, Love Thy Neighbour and Alf Garnett were on the telly.

"So I would go into training the next day – and I like a laugh and I would laugh a long with these programmes same as anyone else.

"But when you would walk in the changing rooms, the players would stop talking and they’d go ‘Oh you’re alright Kammy, you don’t mind’ and I couldn’t mind – because I was the minority – I was the one person."

Steph, 38, appeared visibly upset, telling the studio: "I think that deserves a round of applause."

As the audience applauded Kammy, the Channel 4 host broke down in tears.

She went on: "I get a bit emotional listening to you Kammy, you’re from my hometown."

The former Portsmouth player added: "Don’t make me start crying!"

The presenter was then forced to hand over to comedian Russell Kane, who suggested it was time for an ad break.

Viewers rushed to social media to comment on the emotional moment.

One said: "Sat here in Middlesbrough in floods of tears, listening to @chris_kammy story and also once @StephLunch break down it just broke me. Sending you both so much love and Kammy your a truly amazing man, sending you huge support."

A second wrote: "Watching @chris_kammy and @StephLunch get teary really got me. Sending big hugs. @StephLunch love the show and you of course. Keep on doing what you're doing #BlackHistoryMonth."

While GMB's Ranvir Singh added: "That’s made me cry Love @chris_kammy and @StephLunch So proud of my lovely clever friend @viveksharma98 #boss #Blacklivesmatter #BlackHistoryMonth."

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